Kyrgyzstan Fighting drug-resitant TB in children

We support people with TB,

wherever or whoever they may be

The difficulty in working with children with drug-resistant TB is being able to make a true diagnosis

Dr Kusikova Nelya Ilgizovna, Head of the pediatric department, Urban Center Against Tuberculosis

Children become afraid of injections thus we prefer to have tablet form of the drugs. Those injectable drugs have effects on hearing and sight. I wish to not have side effects

Dr Toktogulva Sveta, TB medical officer

I complained to the doctor that some pills have side effects. I was worrying about not continuing the treatment. I wanted to give her easier drugs that would be suitable for her health

Anara, mother of Aiday

Now we see new drugs without injections. If there are no injection-based drugs, that makes treatment easier

Dr Kazybek Kudaiberge Kenesarievich, Phthisiologist, Urban Center Against TB

Just taking pills, that is all, just pills

Meder, father of Remiz

Previously, we would break the drugs to treat children. Now, since March 2019, our country has a chance to receive anti-TB drugs with children dosage through Global Drug Facility

Dr Kadyrov Abdulat Samatovich, Head of the National Center of Phthisiology, and supervisor of the Kyrgyz antituberculosis service

I like the current version, the children’s dose, the portions, because all they have to do is drink

Mamatkanova Anara Tabyldievna, Nurse of pediatric drug-resistant TB

In short, drugs procured by GDF are very easy to take and dose correctly, and because of solubility it’s easy, so such drugs have a high effectiveness rate

Dr Maripathan Moidunovna, National Phthisiology Center

He felt better, stopped vomiting as much, his appetite improved, and now he is well.

Elisa, mother of Ariet

We support people with TB,

wherever or whoever they may be

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