Hollywood's Most Talented Some actresses just have it

Natalie Portman

She landed her first role in 1994, an action thriller titled, Leon: The Professional just before entering high school. If there is one word to describe Natalie it is ‘weighted’. Natalie is one of the few actresses who can carry a heavy, artistic piece (as she’s done in works such as Black Swan and The Other Boleyn Girl), as well as lighter fantasies such as Thor and my absolute favorite, Where the Heart Is. Portman is one of the few actors who can successfully pull off having an inner monologue while in character. Given her ability to present a quiet, albeit threatening presence for her more sinister roles she maintains a firm control over emotions which makes her a dangerous actress in the realm of drama.

Viola Davis

Juliard graduate whose home is theater, Viola got her break into Film in 2008 when she earned a supporting role in the Drama, Doubt in which she won a Golden Globe, SAG and Academy Award. Nominated for several Oscars, including one for this year’s theatrical release, Fences, Davis has proven to be one of the most disciplined and technical actresses around. We could widely attribute this to her theater training. Viola has exhibited exquisite space and body-control, displaying a range of emotion, even very subtle emotions which are usually the hardest to pull off. Viola’s cadence and form prepared her to become the perfect expressionist; never showing too much or revealing to little. As if the story line of How To Get Away With Murder didn’t give it away. Viola has undoubtedly made her way into the Hall of Fame being the first Black woman to win five SAG awards.

Kerry Washington

Let the crowd go crazy… Of course we applaud Kerry for her role in the show we love to crave Scandal. Before Scandal Kerry laid some pretty good milestones for the road ahead. Costarring in films such as I Think I Love My Wife and Della Bea in Ray. Kerry’s deep-set emotions are by far her greatest asset. You know what I mean, the way she breathes fire without opening her mouth or seduces with only half a smile. Kerry’s flow of breath and rhythm has kept us hanging on to her every word and every action. She has a slow ‘reel in and attach’ technique that has the tendency to show up in almost every film she’s in. If you’ve never seen Kerry’s independent films, no worries you didn’t miss much of a story, but if you enjoy comparing good acting to not-so-good, you will enjoy the dedication she committed to authenticating each of her characters.

Naomie Melanie Harris

Naomie is by far one of the better actors that has been greatly overlooked under the bright lights of Bollywood. Starting as a child actress, she got her first break in 28 Days Later . We later get to know her as “Calypso” in Pirates of the Carribbean. Naomie literally transforms from one movie to the next, leaving no trail of bread crumbs. Her characters possess originality and sentiment, which gives her a unique edge for screenplays that need to show more with less copy. Most recently, Naomie appears along side Will Smith in Collateral Beauty, where it took a few scenes to realize this is in fact our dear Calypso. Naomie is one of the few actors, we would like to see more of, she’s interesting, captivating, and somehow she’s still managed to maintain an air of mysticism.

Regina Hall

You go girl! Regina has made a remarkable career for herself, getting her break into tv on the soap opera Loving. Most famously known for her continued roles on Scary Movie, Regina is also famously known for being a comedian. How many actresses do you know that can sell a seriously stupid comedy ? Almost none unless you’re Chris Farley, needless to say Regina Hall has nailed her roles as a comedian as comes back to solidify her stance as Kevin Hart’s girlfriend in the romantic comedy About Last Night. Regina shows dedication to her craft, characters and the commitment is what makes her characters authentic

Fascinating, appealing, thought-provoking performances, these are the top five actresses that continue to captivate audiences no matter the genre. My advice to young actors, study folk who are consistently working and notice I said consistently working and not famous, right?!

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