f a m a When design and comfort meet

Founded in 1970, FAMA is a Spanish leading company in the manufacturing of upholstered and occasional furniture for the living room. With a production plant of more than 20,000 sqm, FAMA has turned into a highly digitized business with all their models manufactured 100% in Spain.

Let’s have a look at FAMA’s novelties for 2020; a brand-new collection of fabrics and a new line of modular sofas and recliners that will surely surprise everyone.

Looking for a recliner sofa that doesn’t look like as a conventional recliner sofa? ATLANTA is the answer. FAMA has managed to create a very comfortable recliner with a much more modern design.

As a result of months of research, the high headrest has been replaced by a low backrest that can be easily turned into a high one thanks to a smart mechanism. The touch buttons are hidden to guarantee children’s safety.

BALTIA, on the other hand, has a conventional one-piece backrest which can be lifted and folded by a smart multipositional mechanism that has been especially designed for this model. What’s new then with the backrest? FAMA has managed to avoid the horizontal stitching usually placed between the backrest and the lumbar support so that the backrest remains smooth in both positions.


KLEE&KLEVER are essentially the same. The only difference is the depth of the seat and the height of the backrest: KLEE is 105cm deep and 42cm high offering a more relaxed and leaning back sitting position, and, on the other hand, KLEVER is 83cm deep and 46cm high for a more upright way of sitting and perfect to fit in small apartments.

KLEE&KLEVER collection

KLEE&KLEVER is the first project related to the new circular economy philosophy implemented by FAMA.

Along with the launch of the KLEE&KLEVER and ATLANTA&BALTIA models, FAMA has added a new selection of fabrics to its catalogue under the name of TRIBAL COLLECTION. The goal is to gain access to new markets and offer also different design options which perfectly match with the firm’s previous collections.

PACIFIC sofa upholstered with the new TRIBAL COLLECTION fabrics

These are some of the fabrics that are part of the new TRIBAL collection: TAYLOR (small drawings and different textures accompanied by check patterns and soft colours), GAMUSINO (ethnic and animal prints patterns in black and gold for a more striking aesthetic), AXIS, STELLA and SATORU (ultra-resistant plain fabrics exclusively created for FAMA).

Visit FAMA’s website an get to know their latest trends and designs: