After Ever After: Overcoming Adversity By sipho Bawala

Adversity is a challenge that a person tries to overcome
Jeff had leukemia and he would take a drug everyday called methotrexate. he later on had brain damage and use to lip on his right foot.
In Gym class Jeff use to work out with his buddy Tad. When he was at home he would ride his bike through the late night.
Quote: On a usual day, I worked until sweat poured out. Explanation: In order to get stronger Jeff works out till he's tired so his bones will get stronger.
Tad: Tad also had cancer but it was far worse than Jeffrey. He now uses a wheelchair to help him walk.
Tad also had cancer and a tumor but his was even worse then Jeff's so he would mov in in a wheelchair

Quote: That first time, Tad took nine steps at one mile per hour. It was a start

Explanation: Tad Started his first step in order to walk better.

Jeff: Later on, After Jeff finishes his bike ride he find out his best friend Tad has Cancer and dies.

He visits him at his grave everyday and talks to him about what he did.

Quote: MY best friend's heart stopped at !0:32 Am, Probably while I was stopping halfway through my ride to grab a hot dog.

Explanation: After The bike ride Jeff find out Tad dies

Quote: I'm sitting in the grass talking to my best friend Tad.

Explanation: Jefferey Talk to Tad at his grave over the summer To talk about some topic they used to talk about

Tad was dying so he made a few wishes to himself before he wold die

He stood up during the test because he thought it wasn't fair.

Quote: he slowly,slowly stood up , hobbled past Mr. McGrath and made his way out into the morning sunlight

Explanation : Tad got so sick and tired of arguing with Mr. McGrath that he walked away.

Quote Tad holding the railing in a death grip, struggled down the front steps of the school as the entire grade crowded up behind us

Theme: The theme of the book is, even though you might not succeed the first try you can't give up

Quote: but in the gym he gt back on the treadmill. In fact he was working out harder than ever.

Explanation: after Jeff and Tad had a big argument about Tad working out to get stronger, Tad finally start training

Quote: We're a team I tutor you, and you work out with me. You walk,I pass

Explanation: In order to help Jefferey out they make an agreement that if Jeff keeps practicing his math then Tad will walk on graduation day.

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