My Windmill Experiment by alex kreft

In our world today we are trying to find new, and innovative way of making more energy for an ever growing population of people. In this lab we will find an effective and environmentally friendly solution by building windmills

It is a fact that we need energy to run our civilization as we know it.the most common way of attaining energy is by the use of nonrenewable energy. nonrenewable are energies as the name explains are energies that cannot be renewed in a human lifetime. These energies are fossil fuels such as Oil,coal,and gas. To use these substances we must first find them, and as we find and take them we have less and less.

When we mine for coal for instance we face a lot of risks in doing so. Some of the risks include harm to workers injuries are common due to workplace accidents with heavy machinery and the effects of being around coal dust filled air accumulates in the lungs forming a sickness known as black lung. These are only the risk to the workers, not to mention the effects on the environment. What also happens when you mine for coal is toxins are released into the water,earth and air around the site making it unsuitable to live or grow anything.

Another oil plant that has erupted into fire

Renewable energy is as it once again says in the name a renewable energy source. These are Hydroelectric,solar and wind commonly found in all of the world. These sources produce next to no waste that can be harmful to the environment and can be used as long as maintenance is performed. These sources may produce a little less that fossil fuels but installed in the right place they can show their true energy making potential. One other fact make renewable better that fossil the fact that we won't run out or choke ourselves in a toxic cloud of Co2 and other greenhouse gases.

For our design we used a more rectangular shape same as the wind mills in holand to catch and push the wind out of the blades at a constant rate as well as using weight to push it further. We aslo utalised eight blades to maximise the ability to catch air in the fans

We use the wind to power a turbine using kinetic energy. This energy turns the turbine which in Turn turns copper wires in between two magnets of opposite poles ripping electrons from atoms causing a current of electricity to flow and make electricity

Thank you for reading


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