Imperialism And WHere it happened

Imperialism is a policy that extends the power of a country and the influence through either military force or diplomacy.

Some examples of imperialism around the world are:

France had a hand in the whole "influence over countries" charade that was imperialism. Some examples are: Eastern and central Canada, United States (area around the Mississippi, Missouri rivers, and the Great Lakes), India, Syria, Yemen, and many more. The French had hypocritical slogans that had praised Western civilization and alleged toward freedom of speech. They had a more modern crusade out for colonial persons such as (and mostly) Muslims.
The most obvious one is Great Britain. Great Britain had a hand in: United States(the 13 colonies), South Georgia, Canada, Egypt, Australia, India, and a whole lot more. In India, Great Britain had an economic hold in India. They had a major influence in the East India Company that basically ruled over the country. This company had an army that was led by British officers although consisted of Indian soldiers.
Spain is another country that had participated in imperialism. They controlled places like: Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Columbia, and more. The Spanish had Imperial rule in Latin america. The concession to the crown had encouraged the colonial government and the church be very close in relationship. The Spanish had an agreement to maintain the churches while the churches promised to not interfere with running the colony. Everything the churches did had to be approved by the king, even building a new church. Since duties such as missionary duties fell into colonial control, Native Americans were forced to convert to Christianity.
The Germans were also involved in the game of imperialism. They had influence in places like: East and South West Africa, Kamerun, Togoland, and more. The German emperor Wilhelm II wanted Germany to become an imperial power and to acquire colonies in Africa. Germany and the other powers of Europe at the time had gotten that wish. However, it played more against Germany since they were becoming increasingly isolated from its allies due to colonial wars. The colonies also brought little to no economic benefits. Both the Moroccan crisis's had showed the conflict Germany had with many other European powers eventually leading to World War 1.

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