Project 3 By: Jessica Armenta-lemus

SRM-20: The SRN-20 uses Standard Tessellation Language (STL) files. This is similar to the 3-D printer, but unlike the 3-D printer the SRM-20 is used to subtraction pieces from the material you use. It works with wood, soft plastic and foam. The drill on the bit is round so it is unable to do sharp cuts. For my product I had my name refiled out, all the other designs were drilled in so my name would stand out as if it was printed.

Maker Bot: The Maker Bot uses STL files like the SRM-20, but the maker bot is used to add product. In this case I used PLA plastic. I made a phone case that took almost four hours to be made. I had to print my project twice, the first time it was not printed because the power went out when it was half way done. That delayed the process.

Laser Printer: The laser printer uses adobe illustrator then it sends it to be printed. We made our creations on solid works then imported them to adobe illustrator. It uses a CO2 laser that is reflected off a mirror then on to what you want to cut out. I made a circle with the later "J" and a heart next to it. It took less then a minute to cut it out for me. It was the

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