Lillian Snodgrass 10th grade

I have 2 half sisters and a half brother. on my biological father's side. I've only actually met one of them but i dont have a relationship with the other two

I work at Applebee's as a hostess and on carside to go.. I work wednesday through saturday. I really enjoy my job, even though I say I wanna quit almost every friday. i enjoy the people i work with

favorite class; all the facs class

I have 7 dogs i only have a picture with one of them right now. All but one are full blood boxers and 7th one is half lab half boxer. i also have like 7 cats, 6 outdoor cats and one indoor. i had my indoor cat since i was like 2. I'm a really big cat person.

I either want to do something with music or be a writer.

my favorite movie would have to be Finding Nemo, or any given Harry Potter movie.

favorite music; I want to be a musician so I have an appreciation for almost all music, I don't listen to much country or like classical . I have a few favorite bands, Red hot chilli peppers , the beatles , twenty one pilots.

favorite books would have to be the Fault in our stars and Paper towns by John Green

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Lillian Snodgrass

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