Artist statement

I chose portland downtown because i wanted to try something where the creativity doesn't run out. Portland downtown in my opinion is a pace where there are 100 different sides of it, You have the city itself,then by city with art on the north side. Portland really tested me on the creative side. I personally think that portland downtown tested me in good way.

Portland was really good in my opinion and i think i did really well. These photos were taken all over Portland downtown at night. Portland really has a lot of architecture all around it, Looking at the big beams that support a building to graffiti on the walls. I think Portland has really hipster vibe to it, you walk one block there's a coffee shop walk another there's a cafe it's a really interesting city. I really hope people get a really good out look from my project of what Portland is all about.

Leading line
Curved lines/diagonal lines
Color Psychology
Story starter
diagonal lines
Story starter
Eye Line
Horizontal Line
Story starter
Side lighting

Auto Biography

Mark Vasilyuk was born in october 30 2001, Mark was born in washington and has lived there since. As he grew up his brothers kept telling him to try photography and go out with them to experience it, On his 12 birthday his brother about him his first camera nikon d5000. The camera was a decent camera to learn on at that time.

One year later Mark experienced a lot of events and night shooting such as “long exposure,light painting,motion blur, ect”. Anyways back to a year later, Mark got his own prime lens. It was a 35mm f1.8 and it impacted quite a bit on creative work. As he got more into photography his brother was getting out of it. Knowing that his brother was gunna soon just leave the scene Mark started motivating himself to get him to shoot more creative and find his style.

Now - Mark now is well known around the car scene. He has plenty of supporters to back him up if he wants to make it to an event, as well is now shooting for a few companies. Now rocking a nikon d800e with a sigma art 35mm f1.4, Personally Mark will always love primes. after experiencing around 8 different cameras he thinks he may have found one to hold on to awhile.

Future plans for mark is to make it out to japan to shoot were the car culture started, and travel to California for Sonoma Raceway and check out Sega laguna raceway. As Well as to experience the new track the Villains are opening. With most of that happening soon Mark still wants to focus and learn new transitions for videos.

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