Language- we will speak english,but for those who want to speak another language there will be classes.
Food Supply;Sea-Fish,Crab Legs,shrimp Cows-steak Planted/grown-Corn on cob,string beans,broccoli,cabbage,lime beans Cows-cheese
Religion-There is no set religion but people tend to practice other religions but people tend to practice others.
Economics;My civilization will make money by having jobs.They are going to be paid by how many hours they work.When they get to a certain age they can retire and depend on government.Fishermans,farmers,teachers,and bankers.
Government;I will have just a president they will have people under them with little jobs.Police-arrest people who break the laws,president-power over state,judge-has final say so for people who break the rules.
Technology;I will have Iphones,Mac Books,and Smart Tv. For my cars they will be called Tunnel Vision Cars

•Culture;expensive-fashion,basketball,baseball,softball-sports,Babysitting,cutting grass-hobbies,Sea Food Festival once every May 23-Food ,Gospel Rap,and Hip-hop-music,Colorful-art,Libraries-Literature,Respectful,No-Violence,Guns-have to have a license-Manners,Circular buildings, Public or Private,Go for 12 years,You go to college to be whatever you like

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