The Phony Life and Times of "Fritz the Cat Stevens" AKa frEd "fritz" spotleson

The Phony Life and Times of Fred "Fritz the Cat Stevens" Spotleson


The Further Adventures of Fritz the Cat Stevens

My 15 minutes of fame? My whole Life has been 15 minutes.

Remember my cup of coffee with the Fab Four? Neither do I!! But, who's writing a book... you?!? Fagget about it!!

Early 1969 was a dark time, my friends.

Ringo and I were the only ones talking to each other. He had decided to have the reverse surgery done back to a female, and quite frankly, I was attracted to him.

It was the 60's, and... well, when nature calls, you must plant your seed!

It was on my way back from Gibraltar via Heathrow when the boys told me the party was over.

Just before this picture was taken (snapped by Billy Preston, BTW, the so called Fifth Beatle! Yeah, right!!) it was decided that we all go our own separate ways.

George was off to Bangladesh,and John was off was off to bang Yoko. Paul was wrapping up "McCartney," whilst Ringo wrapped up Barbara Bach.

I decided it was time to head back to India, where Ravi and I would practice till breath stunk of hashish and our toes bled peanut oil.

Three days later on a boat to South Hampton, trying to get to Holland or France, I cut holes in my shoes and learned to play the skin flute. (The same one I used on "Tommy" that Pete Townsend and I started recording in June.)

And Fritz the Cat Stevens was born!!!


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