Oh, hello there. it's the end of year review.

Some highlights from 2016 to kick off...

Spoken to over 250 new community groups, schools and organisations across the country

Over 545 hours of community sessions run with Discovery

Built a new team!

And, no biggy....spoken at the Lib Dem and Labour Party Conferences all about digital skills and Discovery. Wonderful thank you letter from the Countryside Alliance CEO.

The fringe discussions after with MP's and Directors from BT.

So, let's start at the beginning of the year....

We opened Swansea up with the support from the Ospreys - a big hurdle overcome in getting the space open.
Our coverage for Islington
And worked with Paddy and MWW on securing a media day in Islington for the opening securing some of the most positive PR coverage Three's had for our work outside of the consumer space. I won't show the video of us and my dreadful voice, but we got some great coverage!
And who could forget Ed Kimber and his Waitrose lemon tart. A great PR event for Discovery!

Discovery. In Store.

Owned relationship with bookingbug to establish the 50 stores to get licences for using the tool. Wrote the user guide for bookingbug overnight! Got the content on develop me and changes to the intranet pages to meet our deadline - using my stakeholder management skills to get the job done.

There have been some big challenges with Discovery In Store in particular leadership from AM's, but one thing I've continuously stuck to is supporting the stores that are doing a great job and trying to understand why it isn't working in other places.

Internal stakeholder management.

I've continued to build the relationship with our online team to offer Coding Clubs in Islington and Maidenhead. 2017 I think creates a great opportunity for the Discovery team to build their knowledge to deliver these, but also more of the online team to get involved. My role in this is being the relationship holder between Discovery and Online which I've built up over a number of years now and believe we are in a strong place with this team to push boundaries next year and offer different sessions, and for adults as well.
The work I have lead this year with Brand include getting Discovery brochures and revised artwork done. Leading on the look and feel for all communications.
Working to continue to build relationships with AM's and building a brand section for Dane's AM's and the wonderful idea of stop motion movie making for his team for the afternoon.

Relationships internally I have continue to go from strength to strength. Working closely with Retail marketing and brand. Built relationships with retail ops, Rakesh and Dave Mitchell to help get things fixed quicker.

Really enjoyed the Discovery transformation meeting and looking forward to inputting more ideas in to the roll our of Discovery wider in 2017 with other colleagues from around the business, and not just be 'the girl from that nice team'.

External stakeholder management.

My role as the lead for Community engagement varies hugely depending on the contact, group and the sessions coming out from the meetings. I have not only led meetings with Directors at Ofcom and the DWP. I've taken the lead in working with new groups and supporting the team's development of community engagement, in particular with Heather in Maidenhead and the Swansea team.

  • Islington Council - working with five different departments now and sessions booked for 2017 with the libraries
  • Swansea Council
  • RBWM Council
  • Mayor's Office
  • DWP
  • Job Centre's Islington & Swansea
  • Ofcom
  • Consumer Communication Panel
  • People First
  • Communities First
  • 30 schools in Swansea and surrounding area
  • Poplar Housing
  • Bracknell Homes
  • St Marys Church
  • Barnsbury Housing
  • Age UK Islington
  • Enterprise Cube
  • UrbanHope
  • Centre 404
  • SHP Housing Islington
  • And have been in contact with (phone, email or meetings) over 250 new groups this year.

Some of the most memorable sessions for me.

Coding with the DWP in Swansea.
Outreach work with Poplar Housing - stop motion movie making in the school holidays
When Cerys and I ran sessions with NHS Carmarthern.
The kids in Swansea who built the game Dave Dyson played.
Working with Altwood Secondary in Maidenhead and seeing the great results the students have come away with from the sessions built from my briefs and input. Particularly proud of my session I built on brand before going away on holiday.

The number of community sessions in Swansea has exceeded expectations with the team running approximately two a week averaged out, their busiest week saw five different community groups.

Maidenhead have run more sessions this year with Schools with increased visits from Newlands. New relationships with Altwood, Braywick and Cookham Rise. Run sessions with Strive and Chamber of Commerce.

Islington has seen no uptake from schools, however, having met with the Education Team at the Council I am now hopeful in 2017 we'll see some uptake from local secondary schools. The Community uptake has been much lower than anticipated, but, I am hopeful that the work done in 2016 will forge some opportunities for 2017. I will also be reaching out to other Councils in 2017, along with social housing provides such as Hyde Housing who have homes in Camden and have had some great preliminary conversations with them about what we can do.


I have led the work on monthly newsletters for Discovery sites. Developed presence on Facebook and Twitter, using these more regularly with a focus for 2017 for me in developing more dynamic content for using on these platforms.

Also working on the intranet site and getting weekly stories posted on the Discovery hub.

And lets not forget the other things...

  • Managing Swansea - new for 2016
  • People - Freya, recruitment, supporting the wider team
  • Written 'One Brief' three times in 2016
  • Developed relationship with Fraser in retail marketing
  • FFT meeting presentation
  • Accessibility - Glasgow twice delivering sessions for quality team and Exec Office
  • Investigation support - I've lost count, but hundreds of pages of notes!
  • Presentations, presentations and more presentations
  • Facilities and site management - Bellrock are my best friends
  • Joined CAD as an assessor which was great fun!


  • Team management - took on managing Swansea
  • Delegation - community engagement and support across all sites
  • Public speaking - continue to develop, at one of the biggest platforms of the year. Thinking a TED talk for 2017.
  • More social media and brand interactions - developing stronger relationships with the team


  • One of the best years ever for me in terms of development and enjoying myself
  • Improve data collection for Discovery for commercial performance
  • Improve Discovery team understanding of commercial performance vs. doing nice things for people - building on a business case for 2017
  • Continue to PR the hell out of Discovery in 2017 taking away from my skip with Paula not to get disheartened and keep going
  • Develop the team more and share knowledge in particular on online safety
  • Comms reviews of all materials heading in 2017 - are we using the right tools to talk to customers at sessions e.g. do we need something for our community sessions. Review surveymonkey for community groups and have QR codes for sessions to ask for feedback and email addresses then
  • Look at press and story opportunities with Paddy more for Discovery
  • Invite Andrew Laurence Director of Corporate Affairs from Hutchison in to see Discovery
  • Develop Sian and Cerys improving facilitation, confidence and commercial performance
  • More development time for me

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