Black Lives Matter Self Portraiture Project at the Loomis Chaffee School

I am a Human being - worthy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

However, systematic dehumanization hinders me from receiving the inalienable rights that are offered to my fellow American counterparts.

Why are these men and women not seen as human beings before they are killed? How have we allowed our community to perpetrate these crimes against humanity? Unfortunately, these atrocities transpire as a result of one’s willful ignorance and passivity towards a mindset of fear and hatred.

Historically, the American government has demonized black people by employing false narratives that portray black people as dangerous, devious and criminal.

This is dehumanization.

Black people are not a pestilence.

Black people are not a threat.

Black people are not an inconvenience.

Black people are human beings.

Time and time again, we are too late to recognize the discriminatory measures - embedded in the system — that obliterate Black Americans. Unfortunately, people wait until social media amplifies tragic deaths of Black men, women, and children throughout the world to humanize the lives lost from the African American community.

Let us see our Black community members now, alive, present, and vital.

Let us see and hear them now, here.

Let us remember that we are not all equal under the law.

With humanization an officer may think twice before taking a life, good officers may speak out against the murder of our community members and stop it before it happens. If not now, when?

Our Black students, staff, and faculty at Loomis are people. Meet them.

Black Lives Matter Self Portraiture Project

These projects have been placed all around campus. We encourage you to get to know the wonderful individuals in these photos. See them. Hear them. They matter. #Blacklivesmatter

The Loomis Chaffee School


Artwork by Stacy-Ann "Ro" Rowe '97