World War 2 Ava curcio hunt #5

People in the world were still recovering from World War One, and the Great Depression. After War World One Germany did not pay the price it owed to the damages it did. New leaders that were good and powerful promised to solve most of these problems. In the 1920's and in the 1930's two groups of communists were fighting to take over China. Japan had enough of fighting so they just invaded China.In 1935 Italy also invaded other countries. Germany began to move against countries. In March 1938 the Nazis troops took over the neighborhoods in Austria. Because of the horrific memories of World War One, other countries and the United States didn't do much to stop the offensive acts. Most people had a desire to hope the World War Two to hold off.

Aldolf Hitler was the leader and a dictator of the Nazis from 1934-1945. He threatened people and Jews and that led to World War Two. Hitler led deaths to eleven million people. Including murdering of six million Jews.He would "silence" anyone who disagreed with him. He also put innocent people into Concentration Camps.Hitler invaded Poland.

In 1922, Benito Mussolini invaded Italy which also led to World War Two. Mussolini gained his power over the King and the Pope.He tried to be known as the "Virilality".Benito was arrested and died there.

Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union. He was known as the "father".People were terrified of this man. He died in 1953, people placed him in a tomb but the took him out and put him in his own grave.

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