October 1st 2017 - a weekly i-zine to go with the radio show.

Welcome to autumn! Snuggle up and listen every Sunday 10PM UK time (2PM Pacific) on Eurobeat Radio. Join us in the chatroom and relax with music from an aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD hosted by JaN PuLSFoRD broadcasting LIVE from Woodbridge in Suffolk. We love to share our music with you.

As electronic artists we are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Most of the music you hear is available to download from BandCamp. Please support the artists playing true independent music in an aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD every Sunday on Eurobeat Radio.
girl in a gale - synths in a suitcase playing houseboat music ..
JaN PuLSFoRD - has been exploring the illusion of reality in virtual worlds for over a decade. She performs as the avatar JaNa KYoMooN with her own radio stream www.radiojana.com which streams 24/7.
The music from the river flows into the waterways of the world. Thanks to everyone who sends music to share, especially this Sunday's music from Jan Pulsford, girl in a gale, Tony Gerber, Anni Hogan, George Hammond, Kathy Raimey, John Saul, JaNa KYoMooN and Frances Shelley
Come and chat with us in the chat room every Sunday 10PM UK time

Sunday's video - 'Alone in the alone'

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