Being Libertarian Plans Because charles Matters

Notice: This was made by me naked in my bedroom after having fucked twice and eaten poor Italian food and binging hemlock grove. Overall, some of this especially in the first half is a little redundant and I do come off as kind of a prick. However, a lot of serious talks on this are put in rational. Check out the second number four and I think that might be a tempting offer for me to continue involvement and keep me under control. Also, I think what is listed is just 25% of the ideas I have here. If we had a real talk, I think I could get a lot of shit done and it'll be fun. So please read this and enjoy.

Okay so to answer your initial thoughts... Yes. Yes I am indeed actually just saying why I want to be on the board and what I'd do. Simplest pitch why is I believe any reasons for restraining my involvement are just done on idiotic reasons and without me it'll kind of just remain another low traffic libertarian site. So well... Every libertarian site which isn't reason.

I also am writing this, because well... Let's face it. I was never actually given a real chance at returning. I leave and with that well "human" on the board up until recently, I just knew my chance of getting a reasonable case was dead on day one. However well, he's gone and I think I can work with you two over him and get my rightful place restored. Plus, I would have tried to be a little nicer recently to Nathaniel, but well... I tried asking questions for months and got absolutely NOTHING in terms of clear answers on how a return would work. I also saw April come, no answers met, assumed I was out and just decided to be a fucking dick pretty rightfully so.

So Well... Why I Should Never Have Been Out To Begin With.

  1. We had no code of conduct at all prior, but I'm randomly told by Martin I can be terminated based on standards never agreed to in some sort of "common ethics". Well... I have no idea where he has a law degree from, but basically every AMERICAN court would laugh that argument out. So I don't know what goes on in the failed, racist, poverty stricken and corrupt county of South Africa besides Candace Swanepoel's wonderful ass, but well... That's just not the way it works here.
  2. There was a MASS double standard in conduct where another board member at the time got to stay, but well... Anything I did wrong could be timed by a hundred on that end and it went basically ignored.
  3. I did have a little bit of a freakout which lead to incidents such as Uncle Bob Murphy. However, I had something I basically setup, agreed to not manage on the charge of not wanting someone in content to run making content and had the guy I worked with go from calling me a good friend to viewing me as worse over Hitler and replacing me with someone who did the opposite plans and basically had me viewed as a liberal incapable of fitting in the brand vision. So well... I'm sorry when people who do almost nothing box me out and shock, nothing got done.
  4. The one slur I made post the agreement about Eric. Well, it happened in a group of four people and once again, we didn't have an actual code of conduct which was done. Instead, I got some very vague "Don't be a jackass" pledge which held the weight of the Boy Scouts, got pissed off and said something's. Another point being those complaints were meant on public image when this was a secret group of four people all involved and there's a clear case of it being misconstrued.

Next Up... Why I Should Be On The Board Now.

  1. Because it's sort of something I'm entitled towards. Let's face it. The domain is mine. The slogan is mine. Our highest performing articles are mine. One of the earlier pages which was at one point 15% of our likes was mine. About 6-8 writers who some are the most active members are mine. The Twitter going from 17 to 4,000 is partially mine. About a third of the good interviews are my organization. About two thirds of the high name interviews are mine. A lot of early social media growth can be attributed to me. There has undeniably been a lot of work been put in here and being told "Hey, you have no claim here at all anymore, but you can still write for us for free!". It's kind of an unethical deal.
  2. There are some legitimate ethical arguments made here. I came on joining into BL asking for disclosures on everything, I asked how the page got formed and last night Nathaniel just casually mentions our inception was done on another page getting semi stolen to go into it. Something I kind of needed to know... Instead I just got casually told you guys made a feud with a Christian in California with the same name as the detective from mad mad mad mad world. That kind of sucks.
  3. I don't think things work as well without me. I get blocked out and we've not added the same level of writers, the interview quality became altright freaks over real people and we are now in stagnant growth where it seems like plans exist to fix that, but my presence will get it done better.
  4. I'm willing to change some of my behavior just to get things off the fucking ground and for me to not be treated like Satan again. So what I'm willing to offer... Robert Downy Jr. He had some similar issues to what you guys have with me. You know, heroin abuse, beating a girlfriend, drunk driving and vast freakouts in which arguable attempted murder. That clearly is on equal levels or nothing to me. He wanted to be Iron Man and thanks to the always lovable role model Mel Gibson got a bond which would pay Disney if he fucked up. I'm actually willing to kind of do that here. If you guys don't really believe I can change if brought back on, I'm willing to put up money in an account for a year as sort of a bond on character. We setup ground rules on conduct and if I break them, you keep the bond. We make a board on that bond to determine the case and if problems arise, I lose cash and the board seat. So well... It is in your interest, because me being on does hold value and the reward matches liabilities.

So next up, the real plans. For this, I've just wanted to say what I want to do with BL in being part of the board and what I'd advocate for as a member again from my experience, knowledge of our audience, network, skills and whatever else I have.

Short Term Stuff

The Breadline

So recently, I set a deal with the Kim Jung Un page with 250,000 followers and we've been just working to setup a parody news site called We so far have about 10-15 pre done comedy based articles done and are trying to grow our own page now. I want BL to own a cut of this and think we can on this project make this a satirical wing for us over have our own site making parody news and real news which just doesn't work well.

I want there to be some synergy in which BL has maybe a 10-20% stake here.

We Like Gun Rights, Big Government Sucks & three others

So I'm set soon to personally buy one page with 250,000 followers for gun rights, I have co-control on one with 30,000 and three others I am trying to personally buy with 40-60,000. This is my own money and I'm buying regardless of my involvement with BL. I think I could give a portion of ownership to BL and agree to share all articles on that. The only key is I'd like BL to be involved in helping grow those pages. Benefit is they can mark percentage of ownership as an asset for valuation while ability to set articles allows for site traffic which is also cool.

So devils in the details on this one, but well... Traffic would for free on this one likely double. We get to be in the top 25,000 now almost very likely and did it for free. That's kind of a damn good deal.

We Are Libertarians

I know the two guys who run We Are Libertarians and am actually an admin on that page. They have a podcast and would probably be willing to share all our articles in exchange for us sharing their podcast twice a week. We get decent enough content and also get to increase our article reach 20-25%.

Long Term


One thing I'm pretty good at is math. So, I've recently had an idea. Algorithms... I want to make bots for social media. Think about this... How hard is it to run all these pages? Now think for a moment... What if I could get pages run all by bots, they follow existing pages already around, monitor top post, manage when to post them and keep them updated. Realize, doing that we could have a hundred pages under belt managed by us, do very little work and reap the benefits.

This is something I also plan to do, but well... I want BL in it.

Ron Nielson

Okay, this is one which just changes our game. Ron who is lead the Johnson campaign has four million emails he controls all together and owns. He wants to setup a news website and begin a mailing list from those emails. Time is limited on this one, but if we utilize this contact and chance now, we can use those for BL or a site partially owned and operated by BL. Four million emails... Done properly and it's larger than Reason or Rare. So well... If getting into bed with me is worth a deal like that, it's worth it even with my... faults.


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