There has never been a book like this. Written and illustrated by noted hip-hop journalist Riley Wallace, From Boom Bap to Trap: Hip-Hop's Greatest Producers is a groundbreaking compendium that not only digs deep into the stories and catalogs of icons like Pete Rock, RZA, Dr. Dre, and DJ Premier, but also features highly influential beatmakers who have been slept on—sometimes criminally (Easy Mo Bee, Daz, Paul C, and Johnny “J," for example.)

Until now hip-hop heads have been forced to navigate a sea of wiki entries, incomplete bios, and confusing credits (or none at all), which has caused some mind-melting tracks to be underappreciated or completely undiscovered. No more.

This book contains superb bios, brilliant lists of critical beats, punchy liner notes, and stunning artwork that finally do justice to the artists who have given hip-hop its backbone from the early ’90s to the present day.

Ultimately, From Boom Bap to Trap is a nostalgia bomb, a conversation piece, a must-own work of art for real heads made by a real head. Lovingly curated, it’s an essential resource that will satisfy the hunger of both new fans and hard-core hip-hop junkies for years to come.


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Riley Wallace began his career as a music artist — emerging from the rubbles of storied social-media site MySpace with a large enough fan base to earn early viral success and a major label deal. He later became disillusioned with the industry, which was (sonically) in a precarious state at the time, and in the search for new outlets to express himself, turned to writing professionally. Beginning at the tail end of the infamous blog era, he built a thriving platform — Above Average Hip Hop — and later parlayed his success into a contributing role with XXL Magazine, and later HipHopDX and Exclaim! (Canada’s oldest print-based music publication).

From Boom Bap to Trap is one of two books Riley is creating under Hamilcar’s new Hip-Hop umbrella.