Cherry red lips By heather l.

A scissors, a comb, and bright, red dye-- a normal day for James Michaels, the barber, or so he thought.

As the work day was close to an end, an odd series of events happened: first, a lady walked into the barber shop; second, she sat right down in a chair; third she smiled happily directly at James Michaels.

“Why, hello, James Michaels,” smirked the petite, red-haired woman.

"Yes, who are you?” Questioned James.

“After my cut but before my dye, I'll tell you,” said the woman.

Snipping gracefully, James cut the mysterious woman's hair.

“James, by the way, my name is Stacy Goodwell,” mentioned the woman.

“Well, Stacy, I-,” James tried to say before me was cut off by the T.V.

“Missing man, missing for months, found with a red lipstick print on his cheek,” announced the news reporter.

“Take some more off the bottom,” Stacy demanded.

Stacy started to walk out of the door, but she turned around and gave James a note telling him to meet her for some tea at her house.

James Michaels, who didn't know what to say, nodded his head in agreement.

December 22, 2016 Stacy left the barber shop, leaving a tube of red lipstick behind.

“50 East Advant Street, Denver, Colorado,” he read as he walked up to her house.

As they drank their tea from a silver tea pot, Stacy handed him another note, it read, “ Dear James, I've noticed you for a while, and you perfectly fit my list, and I hope you like the tea seeing that it'll be your last drink."

Falling on the floor with a mouth full of red, lipstick stained his cheek.


Created with images by baileycute - "Red lips" • Skitterphoto - "barber chair salon" • deborahmiller56 - "scissors curler hair" • Filter Forge - "Lipstick Kiss" • - "Evening watching television"

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