A very merry Christmas A joyful Christmas real story of 2016 by Harmaya Thukral

I hope you enjoy my story of christmas! 🎄


It all started on 25th of December, which of cours was Christmas. I woke up early because it became a habit of waking up early since I wake up early for school daily. So the first thing i did was opened my present it was a pencil kit with loads of beautiful but plain sparkly pencils with another pencil different though. And then an eraser set with fairy princess pictures on it. It was rather beautiful I say! It was quite strange because the exact same pencil set, different pencil and the erasers I saw in the mall on Christmas Eve and I rally wanted it my mom went to have a look and asked if she could buy it but the shopkeeper said that the shop is closed even if the cage door was half open.

All I got!

I was stunned! But then after I ate my food I took a bath. Then I recalled that there were guests coming over to my house! They came at 12:00 PM for lunch we had set up 2 Christmas trees 1 was my brothers, it was a fake, well rather short Christmas tree. Well mine? It was huge, a 5 foot tall Christmas tree, in fact it was real! We decorated our door hall way with balloons and foam glittery snow flakes hanging from the celling. It was beautiful!

The door hall way

When they came over I handed each of them Christmas accessory, a santa hat for men and rain deer antler headband for women.

The Santa hat

The rain deer antlers

We, my mom and I, went shopping in the mall at Christmas Eve to buy a few things for the party. It was quite a lot of stuff ( only food and drinks ) one of the things we bough were brownies, well, a brownie mixture then all we had to add was eggs, oil and water the rest dry ingredients were all reddy added into the mixture so of course it was a dry mixture.

We ordered gems and kit Kats for the decoration. We ordered meat for lunch from outside but I ate homemade chicken. Then we traded gifts! I was so exited but I kept it inside, i didn't show my exitment. I got a lovely formal necklace!

My beautiful necklace

Then I went down to play with my next-door- neighbour downstairs in the park then when I came upstairs it was time to eat dinner and then slept.

The end

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