Mindfulness be calm, be kind and breathe

We would usually be working on our mindfulness at school together, but as we can't do that, I have created this page that you can come to anytime you need to or would like to! There are videos, quotes and some activities that you can do at home, or even if you are at school!

Although we aren't together at the moment, we are always thinking of you and we are always connected as a Beaulieu family. I hope you can find some time each day to be mindful.

"Count the rainbows, not the thunderstorms"

You will be feeling so many emotions all of the time, some good and maybe some that feel not so good! You might be worried, sad, angry and frustrated sometimes, but don't forget, that is ok. Your feelings are yours, give yourself the time to feel them, notice them and remember, these feelings will pass. Hopefully practicing your mindfulness will help you find a way to bring yourself back to a positive place - you are all so fantastic at it! I am really proud of you all.

"one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day"

For the days that you are feeling a bit confused about the amount of feelings swimming around inside you, this will really help. Remember that we are separate from our feelings, we can notice them and not be swallowed up by them :) After you have watched the video, why not have a try at drawing your pond and fill it with the feelings fish you have noticed today - some days you might have lots of different fish coming to your pond!

Mindful Listening

A Sound Hunt

Did you know that an owl can hear sounds that are close and far away?? they have AMAZING ears! They are also fantastic at being really quiet when they need to be - cool!

Go on a sound hunt! to do this, you have to be really, really quiet - that will help you really notice so many different sounds!

What can you hear far away? Have a go at drawing it as a picture. What can you hear close by? Have a go at drawing that too. Do you hear any colours? When I hear the wind blowing, the colour I see is blue. Listen really carefully and try and see what colours are coming to you. Remember to keep taking lots of lovely calm, deep breaths and really enjoy exploring what you can hear.

Mindful Music

There will be days that feel loud, hectic and frantic. That's ok! We are all in a completely new and unchartered situation, so be kind to yourself.

Keep moving

We can't go to all of the same places and do of all the same things anymore, which is probably feeling quite frustrating at the moment!! But being outside can really lift your mood, it is so important to get some fresh air every day, I promise it will make you feel GREAT! We are so lucky because we are really close to the forest and the beach, how cool is that?? My favourite place to go is Cornwall because of the amazing beaches, they have some cool castles too!! What is your happy place?

I can't go to my happy place at the moment physically, but, because our mind is so amazing, I can use that to go there!!

Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down - I like to lie down somewhere nice and soft so I don't fidget too much!! Now, when you are there, play this and you will see how your amazing mind can take you to your happy place....

Cosmic Kids

When we are together at school, we have done some lovely cosmic yoga together and I know that some of you enjoy doing it at home too! In case you haven't had a chance to look at it recently, here are a couple of really fun ones that I know you will love! Let me know how you get on, or if you have done any others - Namaste!!

"deep breaths are like little love notes to your body"

Thought Bubbles

Do you ever have a thought pop into your head? Maybe a sneaky worry, or a thought of "I can't do this"? Did you know, everyone has a bit of a worry from time to time? Even grown ups!! Here is a little something you can do -

Close your eyes and think of your worry, then, open your eyes and pretend you are blowing an imaginary bubble, make it as big as you can!! Then, when its floating, get your finger and "pop!" the bubble! Imagine that your worry is popping just like the bubble!! If you have bubbles at home, you can even use real ones!! Blow the bubbles and pop those worries :)

Don't forget, sharing our worries can really help too, my Granny would always tell me "A problem shared, is a problem halved" and thats what I think too! You are all so wonderful at talking about your feelings, so I know you will be great at sharing.

Here is a really great activity you can do at home, or at school! You can be as creative as you like, let me know what you get up to!

"you create your own calm"

There are some really wonderful resources available online now, I have put some of my favourites on this page, and below is a really lovely one! It is really fun! Follow the instructions on the picture. You can use your glitter jar when you are feeling worried, upset, maybe angry? Shake up the glitter and as you watch the glitter settle, your mind does too. Think of yourself as those little bits of glitter; swirling all around when you are feeling stressed and then, slowly, settling down, feeling calm. Take some lovely deep breaths and look at the beautiful, calm glitter :)

Everything is really different at the moment and some of us won't be at school, we will be doing our learning from home. Some of us will be in school, but it will be really different for a while, I bet that feels strange too? When you are feeling frustrated, give this a go.... how does your heartbeat feel?? I bet you have a lovely burst of energy now! And able to refocus on what you were trying to do before :)

Hopefully you can find this page useful in your mindfulness practice, I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes;

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think"

Take care, stay safe and keep smiling.

Love, Mrs Roper x


Created with images by Faye Cornish - "Fairy Bonsai" • Andy Chilton - "untitled image" • Harli Marten - "untitled image" • Zoe Lewis - "untitled image" • Annie Spratt - "Boy exploring the wilderness" • Jamie Street - "untitled image" • Andy Li - "Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint" • Annie Spratt - "Wide angle forest scene" • Melissa Askew - "My family was enjoying some time on a hike in a wooded area. The way the light was coming through the trees and across the grass and daisies was making me itch to capture the moment. I got down on my stomach in the grass to capture this photo of my daughter Ellie. All I had with me that day was my iPhone X which was still a champ for captuing the moment perfectly. I just love the way the end of the day sunlight was making her glow. To me this photo perfectly captures summer, childhood, and my sweet girl, who shines brighter then the sun." • Braedon McLeod - "Bubble reflection with blurred trees."