Alexander the Great By: joshua pace

Alexander the Great was born in July 356 BC in Macedonia.

As a child he watched his father change Macedonia into a militarized state and won many victories because of that, and when Alexander was 12, he tamed an almost uncontrollable horse named Bucephalus.

He also ridden Bucephalus in all of his major battles in the future.

When Alexander was 13, Philip hired a man named Aristotle who was a philosopher. Alexander would be tutored bu Aristotle for the next three years teaching him things like literature, rhetoric, medicine, and philosophy. Aristotle also showed Alexander Science and he gained an interest in science.

In 340 BC Philip left Alexander to rule because he was invading Thrace, Alexander was 16 years old.

After he was now on the Macedonian throne, he executed many of the domestic enemies. And Philips death started a rebellion and a group of people from different places went together wanting freedom.

After that, Alexander took over Greece and many others and leading his army through a trek of over 11,000 miles. but the troops refused to march into India, but soon they went to war with India and had a tough time because of the war elephants, but came out victorious in the end.

When the arrived home they had a celebration but soon after Alexander fell ill and died in June 323 BC.

Alexander the Great in his death bed.
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