Denmark 24

This is a map showing denmark
this is Denmark on a map of europe
Denmark is an archipelago made up of over 100 islands, some of which are not even inhabited.
Tivoli Gardens (Tivoli) is a famous amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was opened on August 15 1843. It is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world
legoes originated from Denmark. The Lego Group began in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891–1958), a carpenter from Billund, Denmark, who began making wooden toys in 1932. In 1934, his company came to be called "Lego
this is some scenery of Denmark. Denmark has a lot beaches because it is surrounded by water.
this is a closeup of Denmark
this is danish cuisine The open sandwiches, known as smorrebrod, which in their basic form are the usual fare for lunch, can be considered a national speciality when prepared and decorated with a variety of fine ingredients.
Most people in Denmark speak Danish
the people in Denmark play sports such as handball, cycling, sailing sports, badminton, ice hockey, swimming and recently also golf.
this is the Danish folk dance it was mostly danced by the farmers and the poor people from 1840-1930 but is now danced by all for celebrations and events.
this is the map of Denmark
this is the Prime Minister, Lars Lokke Rasmussen
this is the queen of denmark Margrethe II of Denmark
this is Denmark's 100 dollar bill with Denmark's most famous classical composer Carl Nielsen on it.
This is what Denmark's money currency looks like, called Danish krone.
This is the traditional clothing for women in Denmark
This is the traditional clothing for men in Denmark
This the Germany invasion of Denmark in April 9, 1940
The name Great Dane arose in the 1700s, when a French naturalist traveled to Denmark and saw a version of the Boar Hound who was slimmer and more like a Greyhound in appearance. He called this dog Grand Danois, which eventually became Great Danish Dog, with the more massive examples of the breed called Danish Mastiffs.
Denmark is the spiritual and historical home of the Vikings. Once feared across Europe for their raiding and pillaging, today's Vikings are a peaceful bunch who have traded in their longships for bicycles.
many average homes in Denmark have a slanted roof design based off of viking houses in their earlier history
this is one of the viking houses they are suposed to look like the viking ship.
Practically all Danes know how to swim, and swimming lessons are part of the compulsory curriculum in all state schools because of where they live.


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