BEllville Baseball Tournament Jaxon B.

“Do you Remember when we played our baseball tournament in Belleville this summer.”

“Yeah we weren't even supposed to be there we got in for free remember.”

“Yep, didn't some team drop out or something?”

“Yeah I think so.”

“Our first game we played Orfordville and beat them 10-0 in 4 innings.”

“Yep our next game was closer until the last inning we scored 7 runs to beat Sauk Prairie 13-3.”

“Yep then we were set to play Belleville in the championship.”

usually score a lot more runs”

“Nobody scored until the fourth inning it was a fast moving game, it seemed to fly by. Brayden hit a two run double over the left fielder's head so we went up 2-0 and then in the sixth didnt you have something like a 14 pitch at bat.

“Yep according to Carter he said he counted 14 pitches”

“I eventually got walked to start off a four run sixth inning.”

“Yup James was pitching the bottom of the sixth inning it started off with a walk to their leadoff hitter who took second on a past ball.”

“I was a little bit worried because they had the best part of their lineup up 2,3, and 4.”

“James calmed down and struck out the next batter.”

Next they had arguably their best hitter up. He hit a line shot down the first base line but I leaped up to snag it out of the air.”

“You used all 5’4” of you to leap up and snatch the ball out of the air”

“Then it got even better, with two outs their 4 hitter hit a blooper off into foul territory. Then you laid out, full extension, and grabbed the ball an inch from the the ground to end the game.”

“Oh my goodness, the feeling I had when I looked in my glove and saw the ball sitting in there, it was amazing!”

“Everybody was so excited we were chest bumping hi-fiving, we were ecstatic.

“I certainly was.”

“This is definitely one of, if not, the best moment of my career as an athlete”

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