Thomas Hobbes By: Manal Alshariff

Thomas hobbes

  • Lived during the time period of the 1600's.
  • Hobbes was a famous political thinker in England.


Thomas Hobbes believed that all people were selfish and they need a government to keep order. According to Hobbes, if people are without a form of government, there would be constant war and life would be "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short". He also believed that an absolute monarchy would bring law and order and keep the people under control. Furthermore, Hobbes said that in order for people to recieve law and order, they have to entrust their rights to a strong leader.

Hobbes believed that without law and order, people will always fight.
Hobbes called the agreement in which people had to give their rights to a strong leader in exchange for law and order the Social Contract.
In Hobbes's view, an absolute monarchy was the best type of government to maintain people under control.

Impact on society

Hobbes's ideas of people being selfish and the role of the government had many impacts. It lead to more investigations by other people the adoption of the constitution. Due to his ideas, people thought that humans cannot survive without a strong government. In addition, his social contract theory where the government's power comes from the consent of the governed, influenced the constitution.

Impact on traditional beliefs in society

People believed that an absolute monarch was determined by devine right, but by Thomas Hobbes's ideas people started believing that a government should gain power by the agreement of the people who will be governed.

Quote of WisDom

"Only the present has a right to exist because the past is only a memory and the future has no existence"

A person should focus more on the present than the past because the past is only a memory. You should also not think too much about the future because it still has not happened.


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