Climate Change Its in our hands

By Pippa 8D

Climate change is a Worldwide issue. It effects every living and non living organism and if nothing is done it will get worse. Some professionals have understood that climate change is all natural but there is extensive research that shows climate change is human made.

I believe that there are 3 major factors in climate change, the overpopulation of people, pollution when burning fossil fuels and deforestation.

Lots of people means lots of carbon dioxide

The expansion of population means the production of more carbon dioxide. This happens because humans breathe out carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There are simply not enough trees to convert this carbon dioxide back into oxygen. This cycle of continual change between oxygen and carbon dioxide is called The Carbon Cycle.

Because of overpopulation, there is a growing rate of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The trees and ocean breathe in the carbon dioxide that we produce and turn it into oxygen that we need. When humans cut down trees they are cutting down a major part of the carbon cycle which without, the atmosphere becomes full of greenhouse gases.

The carbon cycle

When there are lots of people there is more demand for food, land, transport and homes. For example when a family needs more food someone needs to go and buy it or collect it. This means the need to use transport like a car or truck to go and get the food. Food transportation is a cause of pollution because cars and trucks emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Over population results in pollution due to burning fossil fuels. This happens when people use electricity generated by burning coal to power everyday household items.

Overpopulation means there is going to be more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which affects the climate, contributing to climate change.

A factory producing greenhouse gases
Digging coal at a mine

Fossil fuels are polluting our Earth every second. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are the biggest contributors to climate change.

Fossil fuels are natural fuels that have been forming for millions of years such as coal and gas. All fossil fuels are non renewable energy sources and once we use them all the will run out. When humans burn fossil fuels it causes more greenhouse gases to build up in the atmosphere. The atmosphere becomes so full of greenhouse gases that the heat from the Earth can't escape.

Since the Industrial Revolution burning coal, oil and natural gas has spilled approximently 500 billion tons of carbon dioxide and roughly half still remains in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases come from all sorts of everyday activities. Doing things like heating and cooling our homes and using electricity causes gases to be released into the atmosphere intoxicating the Earth.

Even though greenhouse gases keep the Earth warm so plants, animals and humans can survive, humans are adding extra gases into the atmosphere. The extra gases are causing the Earth to get warmer and colder, which sets of lots of changes in the temperature and climate. These changes from fossil fuels are effecting how humans, plants and animals live.

Did you know that worldwide more than 1.6 billion people rely on forest products in parts of their lives? Deforestation is when humans cut down trees, usually in a rainforest/forest to make room for developing homes, cities and to make room for crops and agriculture. Rainforests are vital for humans, plant and animal life as animals and plants need the rainforest environment.

Rainforest covers 30% of the Earth's land and one and a half acres of forest is being cut down every second! If one and a half acres of forest is being cut down then in 100 years there will be no rainforest left. 20% of the world's oxygen comes from the Amazon Rainforest and if humans continue to cut down this valuable resource then we will have less oxygen.

Deforestation effects climate change in two ways. Firstly, when humans chop down trees, they harm the animals which can cause ecosystems to collapse. Secondly, by removing vast amounts of forest, the oxygen levels on Earth are impacted.

When humans chop down trees in the Indonesian rainforest they are getting rid of the orangutan's homes. How would you like someone to come and set your house on fire, you wouldn't like it. Well that's how the orangutans feel. Once humans get rid of the trees there is nothing for the orangutans to eat. They then get hungry which will lead to starvation then death.

Deforestation causes climate change in two major ways. These ways increase the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and cause animals to become endangered.

Climate change has effected our Earth. Humans polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, overpopulation causing more CO2 in the air and deforestation of important rainforests, are all factors that are causing our climate to change. Simple actions like using renewable energy sources (solar and wind) and reusing paper and plastic bags or attempting to buy food without palm oil are just three ways to contribute in reducing climate change. Climate change is in our hands, we can't stop it immediately, but we can choose the right path in decreasing it.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "NASA Ocean Data Shows ‘Climate Dance’ of Plankton" • Djwosa - "briksdal climate change norway" • Kekka - "Factory" • stafichukanatoly - "industry dumper minerals" • A.Davey - "Rainforest"

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