If you can't get in the house by the front door, use the back door. If that does not work, go through the window. If the window does not work, call a locksmith. What am I describing?

Ok, it is tough! Give up! Lose hope in yourself and your ability to fight! When crap like this enters your mind, you are looking for the easy way out. There will always be an easy way out. Trust me! This way of thinking is a life principle. When it is hard, make hard decisions, and make hard sacrifices.

If you can't get it done today, then you are trying again tomorrow. If tomorrow is out of the question, then you are back at it the following day. You dare yourself to shift into a GRIT MODE Mindset and run toward every problem you face.

You are a champion. A damn hero and unstoppable! So, if you want to get past this hard point in your life, slow down and breathe. This problem does not have to Friday the 13th scare you! Every challenge teaches us a lesson. What is the life lesson in what you are going through right now? What have you learned about yourself?

Created By
Dr. Ron Lewis


Created with images by Dean - "untitled image" • Randy Tarampi - "(and execute) At least, that’s what I wish it said off to the side. It’s been a long time sine I’ve done both of those things – too long. I’ve spent the last couple months funemployed and figuring out exactly what I want to do. I found a job a long way away from home that fit the bill and tossed in an application the other day but I’m pretty sure that I won’t get it for one reason or another. Anyways – putting the application together was a lot of fun. It let me dream like I haven’t since I was in university, and getting it all down on paper was pretty liberating." • jesse orrico - "Dirty work" • Elijah Hiett - "Calling" • Giorgio Trovato - "untitled image"