Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Moz for short

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the greatest composers of all time. He was born on January 27, 1756 to Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria in Salzburg, Austria. He was the youngest of seven children. Five of them died when they were infants. He was baptized the day after his birth. He was a natural musician who can play many instruments at an early age. He started to play in public at 6 years old. Mozart wanted to do the "music business", so he wrote hundreds of beautiful works which included sonatas, symphonies, masses, chamber music, concertos, and operas.

Mozart as a child

Mozart was the only son in his family who survived. His father, Leopold, was a successful composer, violinist, and the assistant concert master at the Salzburg court. Leopold started to tutor his daughter, Maria Anna(nicknamed Nannerl), at an early age. She started to play the keyboard at only 7. 3 year old Mozart looked on and mimicked his older sister, showing that he had a strong understanding of chords, tonality, and tempo. Then, Mozart was also being tutored by his father.

Leopold saw that his children were amazing at music, but young Mozart was excelling beyond his father's teachings. In 1762, Leopold took them on a "tour." Nannerl, age 11, and Mozart, age 6, were performing as child prodigies at the courts of Paris, London, The Hague, and Zurich.

music in three stages: early 1761-1772 middle 1772-1781 late 1781-1791 best known works Mozart composed over 600 works including: 21 stage and opera works, 15 Masses, over 50 symphonies, 25 piano concertos, 12 violin concertos, 27 concert arias, 17 piano sonatas, 26 string quartets, and many other pieces.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died on December 5, 1791 at age 35. The cause of death is uncertain. His death was mourned for. His memorial services and concerts were well attended. After his death, Constanze sold many of his works that weren't public to pay off his family's large debts.

Mozart's death was very young, even at that time period. But his fast rise to fame at such an early age was remarkable. At the time of his death, Mozart was considered one of the greatest composers of all time. His works remained secure and popular throughout the 19th century, as biographies about him were written and his music enjoyed constant performances and renditions by other musicians. His work influenced many composers that followed -- most notably Beethoven.

Along with his friend Joseph Haydn, Mozart conceived and perfected the grand forms of symphony, opera, string ensemble, and concerto that marked the classical period. His music was unique to music at the time, and continue to have a particular fascination for musicians and music lovers today.

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