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Humans of Summerville

Deonte Rivers, Sophomore Sociology Major, enjoying a beautiful day on Summerville Campus.

“I want to help troubled kids because I want to show them they can be better than what they are already. A lot of them probably think that they may have had a hard life coming up, so they need to turn to violence or be put in the system. I want them to know they do not have to be stereotyped that way, and I want to change that perspective for them.” – Deonte Rivers

"Let's Tackle Breast Cancer" Event Story

AUGUSTA, Ga. – A college students loves the word “free” almost as much as they love their mom. This is exactly what the members of the Augusta University’s Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation were thinking when branding their Jersey Spirit Day.

“This event is open to all students. If you wear a sports jersey you can stop by the table set up in the Jaguar Student Activities Center and get a free treat”, said Margaux Bowie, as she was standing near the table full of various treats. The table was full of cupcakes, cookies, drinks, etc.

The ladies of the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation were handing out pink ribbons to students in the Jaguar Student Activities Center to raise awareness for breast cancer. If the students wear these ribbons they were also offered a free treat.

Students who come to the table are given information about breast cancer, and the importance of being proactive about being tested. According to Courtney Jeep, a third year member of Zeta Tau Alpha, “one in every eight woman is likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer. It is important to continually educate the new, and old students about breast cancer.”

The national Zeta Tau Alpha organization started a campaign called “Think Pink”. Because pink is the color for breast cancer, they use this slogan for all of their philanthropy events.

Augusta University Zeta Tau Alpha is offering various events for the entire week of Oct. 3, 2016.

Different events being offered are: Buffalo Wild Wings Percentage Night, the Faculty Breakfast, The Pink Picnic, and the Corn-hole Tournament.

According to the events organizer, Jenny Smeragliuolo, “if I can help raise awareness for the No. 1 killer of women, I can honestly say that I have joined the best organization in my opinion.”

By the support shown from the members of the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation, they take their events seriously, and want to make sure they get the word out about the seriousness of breast cancer.

"Powerfully petite" Profile Story

AUGUSTA, G.a.- Some American Soldiers are being deported after serving their country, and someone has something to say about. Bianca Fortis is that voice.

Bianca Fortis attended college at University of Central Florida. While at UCF she majored in communications with a focus in journalism.

After graduation Fortis went into the workforce taking jobs at various newspapers. One of these newspaper companies was based in Centralia, Washington. She ended up taking the job, and moving to the west coast. While at the newspaper she worked on a variety of stories for the small, local town. Fortis worked for the newspaper for about a year before moving back home with her parents.

While searching for another job she connected with two friends who were working on a project about veterans who have been deported from the United States. “To be in the military,” Fortis said, “you don’t have to be a citizen.” Fortis explained that veterans with a green card are accepted into the military, and are allowed to serve terms in their respected branch. After serving the term these individuals sometimes get into a legal altercation, which causes them to serve a prison sentence depending on the level of the crime. This felony conviction causes deportation in most cases. Fortis simplified this by saying, “if you are not a citizen then you are subject to deportation.”

Fortis remained in contact with her two friends, and started collaborating on a project. While collaborating with these colleagues on this project they made the beginning of a documentary to highlight the issues with veterans being deported. The clip included individuals who have been sent back to Mexico, and explains how their life has changed since being deported. “There was a time when veterans were exempt from deportation,” said Fortis, “but then in 1996 there was the Immigration Act that was passed that changed everything.” Fortis is confident that she will continue helping shine light onto this issue. She is hopeful that it will get traction because “this is a very specific issue with a very specific goal”, Fortis stated.

Working on the veteran project, she has been able to work on other projects that have been viewed by people from all over the world. Fortis and her colleagues have focused the stories they cover in Mexico. Fortis has enjoyed all of her stories, but she specifically mentioned one she did while in Mexico about the Santa Muerte.

Fortis is sure that she will continue bringing light to important issues happening in the world today. She is going to make sure that people are being properly educated about these issues, and will be the driving force in making sure things are being done about it.

Presidential Election Reaction Story

Carrington Hammons, Sophomore, Political Science and Communication Major

AUGUSTA, G.a.- It has been the main competition from the beginning of time – men versus women. The 2016 presidential election put that to the test. Republican candidate, Donald John Trump, goes head-to-head against Democratic candidate, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

Everyone has their opinions on politics and democracy, but it’s up to them if they are going to voice those opinions.

College students tend to be the ones who have the strongest opinions towards various topics. Visiting the Augusta University campus you can see these opinions chalked on the sidewalks, and by the flyers hanging in primary building around campus. “Make America Great Again” posters are plasters on stall walls, and “I’m With Her”, “Love Trumps Hate”, and “Stronger Together” posters are on bulletin boards.

David Peltier, Sophomore

When asked their reactions to the presidential election, students did not hold back on their answers. They had their reactions, but they also had their opinions to back up the reaction.

Trump and Clinton both had supporters on the Augusta University campus. According to sophomore, Carrington Hammons, she feels like Trump is going to bring some good things to office. “Even though he has definitely not been the greatest human,” Hammons says, “Trump used to be a democrat so I feel like he is going to do a good job at merging the parties, and getting them to work together instead of against each other.”

Alexandrea Williams, front desk attendant in Career Services, had a lot to say about the reasons she believed Clinton would have made an amazing president. One of the main policies that she highlighted during her interview was about how much she valued equality. Williams said that she was extremely shocked finding out that Trump had been elected. Williams says “He lacks what I think to be important, whether that be compassion, or concrete, viable plans that would actually work for the American people.” Williams believes that by the media focusing on the negatives about Trump, it grabbed people’s attention and influenced the polls.

Taylor Rutledge, Senior, Communication Major

Senior, Taylor Rutledge, believed that Trump was not the person who should be leading this country. Rutledge had very strong opinions on Trump’s stance on abortion. “I don’t like the fact that Trump says that no woman should have an abortion. He will never know what it is like to be pregnant, nor does he know how that woman got pregnant,” Rutledge says, “he doesn’t know what it is like to make a decision like abortion.”

Sophomore AU student, David Peltier, is one of the students who is a member of College Republicans. He was a main advocate for Donald Trump throughout the election on the Summerville campus. Peltier says, “Donald Trump is an amazing business man. I believe that he bring a different mindset to office that will be beneficial for America.” In Peltier’s opinion, Trump is definitely going to “Make America Great Again.”

Even though all these students were voting for different people they all had one thing in common. They all believe that we need to let the universe run its course. For some of these students it was their first time voting in an election. After partaking in this right they realize how important it is, and are excited to make a future impact for the United States of America.

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