Cosmetology By Kyla Ramos

Nature Of Work

Cosmetologist take care of hair ,skin care, coloring, cutting, grooming feet they take care of everything. Whatever you want done they can do it.

Working Conditions

We would be working indoors all the time never outdoors. We will also be in the same location to.


We are required to were all black everyday to work. Company supply your uniform but still have to pay for it or go out and by your own.

Tranning & Preparation

If you want schooling or collage you have to take 4 years of them to get your license. You must have a GED or Diploma must have one of those if not they will not take you at all. Also you will not need on the job training what so ever.


Your average will be $357,030 If you are working they for center amount of years you get 10% more then what you always get.


You will also receive rising and more offers as you continue working there.

Job Outlook

There are so many jobs available yes you will be around in 15, 20 years. Why because there are alot of kids that want to do hair and other stuff. If not i guess ill find something else to put my mind on.

Related Occupations

Art is one of the biggest things u must learn in school because you will need it for this. An speech because you will need to talk to a lot of people on the job all the time.

Accurate Or Inaccurate

This career is very accurate because on if you ever stop working you can always do hair for party and make some money on the sides

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Kyla Ramos

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