Cutting Funds to Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood is having trouble with their government funds being cut because of their promotion of abortions.


Pro-life - being pro life is believing that abortions are not right because that unborn baby has the right to live.

Pro-choice - being pro choice is believing that that woman who has a unborn child she cannot care for to make her own choice of abortion.

Roe V. Wade - This was a court case in 1973 which through the supreme court allowed woman to have the right to have an abortion.

Medicaid - Federal-State health insurance program for low-income and needy people. Medicaid also helps low income woman to be able to use planned parenthoods services.

STI/STD - A STI is a sexually transmitted infection and an STD is a sexually transmitted disease. Without treatment or knowledge of this it can be spread to many people causing a lot of sickness. Planned parenthood provides screenings and medications for both of these diseases for men and woman.

The Affordable Care Act - This is also known as Obamacare. The main goal of this is to provide affordable care to everyone who does not have it already or cannot afford what they have now.

What is Trumps view on cutting funds to planned parenthood?

Donald Trump was just elected president of The United States, and with him being part of the republican party he is pro-life. In previous press conferences before the election viewers got mixed signals on his view of cutting funds for planned parenthood because of their promotion of abortions. Susan Davis, a politics writer for Minnesota Talk Radio explained, “Donald Trump has a mixed record on Planned Parenthood. During the campaign, he praised the organization for doing "very good work" for "millions of women." But he's also supported cutting off federal funding.” While there was some confusion going around during the campaign, after Trump was elected one of his first acts of duty was cutting federal funds to planned parenthood. On January 23rd 2017 Donald trump cut federal funds to planned parenthood. Steven Ertelt a writer for Life News quotes, “President Donald Trump today signed an executive order to defund International Planned Parenthood.” Trumps view is now very clear that he is pro-life and immediately cut funds for planned parenthood. While he cut funds to planned parenthood doesn't mean that abortions will stop but the promotion by the government will not be present anymore.

Why defund planned parenthood when you can make abortions illegal?

Because of a supreme court case in 1934 called Roe v. Wade which gave women the right to have abortions protected by the 14th Amendment, therefor making it highly unlikely and basically impossible to make abortions illegal. According to the background facts on abortion from planned parenthood's website, “In Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized that the U.S. Constitution protects a woman's right to make her own medical decisions, including her decision to have an abortion.” So because of Roe v. Wade abortions cannot be made illegal unless the supreme court overrules Roe v. Wade which is very unlikely, so instead of making it illegal republicans want to defund a place that promotes abortions. Michelle from the Washington post gives some statistics referring to planned parenthood's abortions, “Out of the 10.6 million services, 327,653 of them were abortion procedures.” This rate of abortions is why republicans choose to fight for defunding planned parenthood to prevent them from having the money to do abortions.

Does the government funding go towards abortions?

Planned Parenthood's abortions services are not paid for with federal or public funding. But funds go towards other services that the clinic provides. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Planned Parenthood says it provides non-abortion services to about 11,000 low-income women in Texas each year through Medicaid. No public funding in Texas is used for abortion, while Medicaid reimbursements cover services that include well-women exams, screenings for sexually transmitted diseases and birth control.” This means that funding does not support abortions but other areas of sexual health. According to the numbers on the planned parenthood website out of 9,455,582 services in 2014 over 50% of those were for STI/STD testing and treatment and birth control and only 3% were abortions. This proves that more that 96% of planned parenthood's services are not abortions, therefore the funds that they receive go to that 96% of services offered. But that 3% of abortions is enough for people to be very passionate about.

Is there violence over the topic of planned parenthood and its abortions services?

There is many cases of violence and protests when it comes to people's opinions on cutting funds to planned parenthood. In fact according to an article from the Colorado Springs Independent a clinic in Colorado Springs was forced to close its doors in 2013 after an armed gunman stormed through the clinic. This clinic was the only abortion provider in the region with had a great deal on why the gunman chose that clinic. This caused the clinic to close its door for over two weeks repairing damage to the building. The shooter also had a past of disturbing planned parenthood clinics. According to the Fox 2 Now St. Louis News website, “The ex-wife of the man accused of killing three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado says he told her years ago that he once put glue in the locks at a Planned Parenthood when he lived in South Carolina.” This case of violence is one of many attacks on planned parenthood for their providence of abortions, which is another reason republicans want to cut funds. Some people are so passionate about stopping planned parenthood there is physical violence, social media remarks and protests. Same goes for those who want to keep funding planned parenthood because of the fear of not having the funds for their healthcare.

What will cutting funds to planned parenthood do to lts patients who depend on their services?

Without planned parenthood, low income woman wouldn't have the access to birth control they need causing un expected pregnancies, leading to unsafe abortions. Without planned parenthood low income men and women can't get screened for cancer or tested for STDs causing deaths and the spread of disease. According to the planned parenthood website 2.5 million men and women depend on planned parenthood's service for health care. Without planned parenthood 2.5 million people would not have access to or the money for the sexual healthcare services they need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to Alyx Kemp a writer for The Collegian, “The Affordable Care Act and provides options that require minimal patient costs for birth control, cancer screenings and other health benefits if the patient is supported by private health insurance. With the loss of funding due to the executive order, services at the organization may become too costly for women who use the center.” If planned parenthood gets defunded it could greatly impact the future for the worst.

For More information, facts and statistics on this topic please visit the Planned Parenthood website to answer your further questions or just to show your support!


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