Disaster of Chernobyl, what happens when we have nuclear power plants.

Examples of Nuclear power plant explosions

Origin of Nuclear Energy

  • Enrico Fermi,1934, is considered a big part in nuclear energy
  • He was the first scientist to split the atom and that led to nuclear power generation
  • In 1938, two German scientists, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman and physicist Lise Meitner of Austria, discovered that they could split the nucleus of a uranium atom by bombarding it with neutrons, this is called fission.

Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

Impacts on Society

  • Non-renewable
  • We won't be able to use much longer
  • Takes long amount of time to construct power plant

Impacts on Environment

  • Waste remains radioactive for thousands of years
  • radioactive waste
  • Can harm natural eco-systems

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