POBLO vs. Jony

I heard the noise outside it was loud and scary.Ididn't know what it was.It was a giant bear


I was scared my whole body was shaking then he started running into the woods.The next day I went out to pick my berries ,but I couldn't help but noticing there wasn't as much as there usally is.I realized it must be that stupid bear,so I decided to set up cameras and check up next week.Sure enough every day that same stupid bear was there.I decide that I should go hunting.


I brought my gun and knife. The weather was cold and the wind was whistling as I walked deeper in the woods it felt like it was getting colder.Then I saw Jony I dove over to a bush to hide but I accedently stepped on a twig and Jony heard it. then he charged at me and scratched me he was going to bite me but I rolled out of the way and climbed up a nearby tree.I threw my knife at Jony I hit him in the leg but he was still alive ,so I jumped down and shot Jony.Then I walked up to my house got my car and dragged Jony up to his house and ate him for diner with his dog.

image found on pop matters


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