Village of Hobart Established May 13, 2002

Map of the Village of Hobart

Village of Hobart Municpal Building

2990 S. Pine Tree Rd. Hobart, Wi, 54155

Executive Staff

Mary Smith- Clerk and treasurer (further left), Rich Heidel- President, Mike Denor/ Fair Market Assesments- assessor (photo not found)


Deb Schumacher (top left), Dave Dillenburg (next to Schumacher on her right), Tim Carpenter (far right), Edward Kazik (down to the far left)

Judicial Staff

Ron Van Lanen- Municipal Judge (Photo not found)

Sanitary Sewer Fund (February 7, 2017)

Unplanned repairs and GBMSD treatment charges are being addressed with higher billings. Staff requests the Board to transfer Capital Fund to Sanitary Sewer Fund, and bring the overall account to a zero. There was a motion of transfer having $219,739.14 taken from Unreserved Capital Fund and given to the Sanitary Sewer Fund.

1 ton truck repair (Snow Plow- October 25, 2016)

A one ton truck repair is needed because of the difficulties that the fuel filter is showing. The repair is over $9,000 estimated. However, the board discussed purchase of a new vehicle for $48,543. The funding will be taken from the Capital Reserve.

Purchase of New Fire Engine (October, 18, 2016)

The purchase of a new fire engine has been limited an amount that shall not exceed $485,000. $16,627 will be transferred to the Capital Fund. Then, the village will borrow $223,400. This is considered in the 2017 budget.

Security Planning (December 6, 2016)

The LPGA had a meeting for security plans. During the week of the tournament, they want to make N. Pine Tree one way from South to North. County Rescue might be contacted and the State Patrol and Green Bay are included. The overtime payment for the police and fire departments are not settled.

Safety for Lock Boxes (February 22, 2017)

Police deparments wants accessibility to lock boxes in case of emergencies. However, businesses claim accountability to the keys. This being said, an example was brought up by one of the policeman by simply saying this: if a person had a health issue and needed to get back in the building, the police can assist them into getting access. The main priority behind all this is public safety.

The government is now handling this issue by having Rich Heidel give a legal opinion and making sure it covers both police and fire departments for emergencies. The government is also making sure everyone is informed by giving letters to businesses in case of issues with the policy.

I agree with how the government is facing the issue. They are informing everyone and making sure everything is clear. As well as they are deciding to give access to the keys for the police department.

My solution for the issue is by agreeing with the government and giving access to the police department. I think it's important to note that the police are responsible for safety. By giving them accessibility, it strengthens the responsibility and can prevent tough situations. I think there should be only a few amount of people in the police department, who are trustworthy and responsible, to have the keys in their possession. Therefore, if the businesses are concerned about power over the lock boxes, there will be limits to the police department. This could make accessibility more safer.

Facts about Lock Box Issue:

  • The discussion was brought up by the President of Hobart: Rich Heidel
  • Chief Lancelle stated that the businesses claimed accountability for the keys.
  • Police Chief Bani gave opinion and example of the prevention of certain circumstances if the policed department had access to the keys

Thanks for watching!

-Sri M.

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