Gravity falls By jack and jacob

Chapter 1 is about Dipper trying to get Wendy to like him. Mable wins a pig by guessing the pigs weight and she calls the pig Waddles. It was also about Mable hugging Waddles a lot.

Chapter 2 was about Wendy getting a black eye. Wendy got the black eye from Dipper throwing a ball.Dipper went to get a ice pack for Wendy.

Chapter 3 is about them stealing a tape measure that allows them to go back in time. To stop Wendy from getting hit in the eye by Dippers ball.

Chapter 4 is about Dipper and Mable going back in time to stop Wendy from getting hit by Dippers ball. When they went back Mable didn't win Waddles.

Chapter 5 is about Dipper and Mable messing up the time line. Mable showed pioneers a calculator.

Chapter 6 is about Mable taking her head off of a flag pole.Also a man in a gray suit gets arrested.

Chapter 7 is about why did they put cameras in the trees.Also cop cars roofs got torn off from the rest of the cop cars.

Chapter 8 is about Mable going to get a huggy wuvvy tummy bundle.Also Waddles got took by a beast.

Chapter 9 is about dinosaurs getting found in a mine shaft.Old Mc Grucket was found in a old church.

Chapter 10 s about Stan saving Waddles from the beast.Also Mable was back with Waddles.

Chapter 11 is about them running way from the beast.Also it was about them going back home.

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