Family life Life under Stalin's Rule

By: Amber, Ali, Jayden, Aria, and Lily

How and why had the Bolshevik government sought to weaken the family unit in the 1920’s? They wanted to weaken family's by allowing divorces and abortion and as well as not allowing wedding rings. They did this because they beloved they exploited women. They also used propaganda to emphasize that women were homemakers.

Why did Stalin change party policy on the family in the late 1930’s? The government added new measures to strengthen family life. For example, divorce was more difficult, abortion became a criminal offense, and wedding rings were allowed again.

What measures did Stalin introduce to strengthen family life? Abortion became a criminal offense, divorce was made more difficult, and wedding rings restored.

How did opportunities for women improve under both Lenin and Stalin? Woman where treated better and had more freedom. There was also free health service for all and they set up day cares for the children when women went back to work.

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