What is ANZAC day?

ANZAC also known as Australia New Zealand Army Corps is a day when Australia and New Zealand soldiers went to war to fight for freedom for our country. We celebrate ANZAC because of all the soldiers that died at gave some freedom.

Who was involved?

when the Anzac's went to Gallipoli they were not the only ones there there were also Britain, France, Russia, Italy, the United States ANZAC and the other side was Germany Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria and lots of the people died defending the country.

When did it take place?

World war one was the first fight and that was the one the ANZAC's were in the war lasted from July the 28th 1914- 1918 that was four years and 103 years ago in Gallipoli.

EXTRA FACT: the ANZAC's come up in a cove and now the cove is called ANZAC cove.


ANZAC day is important to us because of all the soldiers that died and that was the day that we got our free land. They were all the soldiers that sacrificed there life to fight for us to have a peaceful and happy land and even though it didn't turn out the still made us proud



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