OptiFer® production how 21 000 packs are made

There are only two kinds of iron that we can use, heme iron and non-heme iron.

Non-heme iron is found in plants and synthetic drugs, such as the regular iron supplements. The Optifer® series of heme iron supplements contain heme iron bound to bovine hemoglobin as in meat courses.

Hemoglobin containing heme iron is naturally taken up as a whole unit efficiently without side-effects.

The minimum quantity is 21 000 packs of 60 tablets

Production of a batch of OptiFer® tablets is made from original MediTec Heme-Powder and the batch size is normally at 1 200 000 tablets.

The production of OptiFer® is made at Carls-Bergh Pharma AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. Carls-Bergh Pharma AB is under control of the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

The production follows GMP-standards

Carls-Bergh Pharma AB is a leading health supplement manufacturing company in Sweden that has grown steadily as the demand for naturally produced health food and vitamin therapy increases.

Hazard analysis and critical control points or HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe, and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level.

The factory has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the following criteria: System for Safe Dietary Supplements for Consumer.

The raw material of the OptiFer®-series is fully natural/non-synthetic

Carls-Bergh Pharma AB manufactures the OptiFer®-series as food supplements for the NutriCare Division of MediTec Group. The products are GMO-Free and the special formula of HACCP-certified hemoglobin powder (the source for heme iron) is exclusive to NutriCare/MediTec and this series of products.

The OptiFer® tablets have a best-before date of two years after manufacture, but the tablets are totally inert when kept dry at room temperature. Stability tests show this clearly. Iron content will not change over time.

Heme iron has been used in large scale in Scandinavia for over thirty years. No serious side-effects or poisonings have ever been reported.

In studies the incidence of side-effects with heme iron products is at placebo level

Heme iron is natural for man and still is the best and most efficient way of absorbing the iron we all need to live and for our bodies to function properly.

The mechanism of uptake for heme iron does not leave free iron ions in the gut that may cause disturbancies and are potentially carcinogenic.

In a normal diet heme iron from meat products plays a large role. It has always been the most important source of iron for us humans.

The effect and tolerance will not change over time

The Optifer® products have a basic dosage of one tablet per day, taken at any time. Other simultaneously ingested foodstuff or drink has no effect on heme iron uptake.

The OptiFer® series of heme iron food supplements are safe, efficient and very well tolerated, which is crucial for therapy success.

The OptiFer® series of products have a free-sales certificate by the local health authorities authorizing them to be marketed and freely sold as iron supplements for human consumption in Sweden.

They are also be supplied with a health certificate from the National Environment Administration and a Cerificate of Origin from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The OptiFer® series of iron supplements are thus authorised for sale in the EU. They have an acceptance by the American FDA and the EU.

The OptiFer® line has Halal certification because it is potentially life-saving.

NutriCare Division of MediTec Group

The production is fully scalable and can easily adapt to changes in for instance national legislature for recommended daily allowance or package text modifications.

The OptiFer® products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. Dosage is the simplest possible: One or two tablets per day. At any time.

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