Assessment Toolkit HIPS in Academic Libraries

High Impact Practices Explained

A persistent struggle for libraries has been demonstrating how libraries directly and indirectly contribute to student success. Calls to better measure and articulate the contributions of libraries to student learning are well-represented in our profession, most notably through the ACRL Value of Academic Libraries initiative. Three member institutions of the Colonial Academic Alliance, the parallel organization to the Colonial Athletic Association, are coordinating a toolkit to create, collect, and share sample outcomes and assessment tools. These tools can help libraries more effectively articulate and assess their value towards student success within the framework of the AAC&U’s High-Impact Practices (HIPs). These eleven teaching and learning practices have been widely tested and have been shown to be beneficial for college students from many backgrounds. This project will foster a shared language around the assessment and articulation of value of HIPs within academic librarianship that can clearly express how libraries have increasingly become integral to the success of engaged learning practices.

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