Water Pollution in Lake Onondaga Torre and Savannah

Lake Onondaga, Syracuse, New York


The Onondaga Lake is located in Northwest, Syracuse, New York.


There are many different reasons why the water in Lake Onondaga is polluted. The main reason why Lake Onondaga is polluted is because of people. People have polluted the water with littering plastic, paper, and even glass. This trash later blows into the Onondaga Lake, polluting it. People have also polluted this lake by having gas and sewage leakages that go into the lake. This has made the water terrible and disgusting.

The polluted water of Lake Onondaga


When we pollute Lake Onondaga, many terrible things occur. One of the many things Lake Onondaga effects are animals. Many animals die because of the polluted water. Another effect that occurs are diseases. If someone fishes out of Lake Onondaga and eats the fish they caught, they could have a dangerous sickness because the fish they are eating have a chance that they are sick. Lake Onondaga also destroys ecosystems. When a fish breathes in polluted water, the fish will most likely get very ill. If an organism eats that fish, the organism could get a disease from the fish. Then the disease will spread through other organisms and offspring. In addition, Lake Onondaga also has polluted water, which if drunk, you may get very sick or die.

A fish from Lake Onondaga found dead because of pollution

What is being done to fix the problem?

The government has started to apply new laws about recycling, and greenhouse gasses around the Onondaga Lake. Some of the New York people have held rallys to show how important it is to save the Onondaga Lake. The New York people also have volunteers help clean up some of the Onondaga Lake.

A rally to support the clean up of the Onondaga Lake
A rally in front of Onondaga Lake


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