The Bombs By: Davis Bunk

On July 16 in new mexico the first explosion from an atomic bomb test went off. it was larger and more destructive then anyone could have imagined.
The atomic bomb, it was a life changing achievement .It brought hope of an ending to the Japanese constant attack on the USA.
The maker of the master of destruction, The Atomic Bomb. The bomb is also known as the Fat Man due to its explosive power and size.
on the day of august 6 1945 the us dropped its first nuclear bomb or “fat man” on its first populated area in the city of hiroshima in japan. the bomb killed more than 800000 people instantaneously. than infected much much more people who all later died of cancer.
Hiroshima after the bombing was qualified as a nuclear waste land for years. It has since been cleaned up and is back to its original state
On august 9 1945 in an attempt to end the final enemy of World War 2 the usa dropped the 2nd nuclear bomb on the japanese city of nakistaki. this bomb killed an additional 40000 people. this move by the us put the japanese in lock position to surrender because they could not take anymore damage
Nagasaki now has been cleaned up and is livable.

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