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Presented at Adobe Creative Campus 2019 | University of Maryland



Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah | Studied at the University of Utah

While at the U, I enjoyed a great personal partnership with Adobe...

Union Programming Council Marketing Board Tour of Adobe Lehi Campus, Dec 2016

...and I've had the privilege of working with some incredible individuals.

with Jason Katsoff at the University of Utah, Feb 2017
with Lisa Deakes (Mama Deakes!) in Denver, Oct 2018
Creative Campus 2016 @ Adobe Lehi

How did this happen?

Early in primary school, I discovered Photoshop 7.0 and began to learn the basics of photo editing and creativity—what would later become known as "digital literacy".

In high school, I took a course which introduced me to Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and the rest of Creative Cloud (Creative Suite).

As I continued to develop my skills and expand to other Adobe solutions, I was hooked.

Medical student's note: this does not condone the use of tobacco.

By the time I started college, I had learned to use a variety of Adobe solutions and applied my skills to every extracurricular activity I was involved with.

I used my prior knowledge in Adobe solutions to not only bring value to each organization, but also seize the opportunity to further develop my skills.

The University of Utah provides the full Adobe CC suite to all its students through an ETLA. Thanks to this, I was able to further develop my skills in a variety of ways.

A promo for Crimson Nights, a student event at the Student Union
Our restroom marketing calendar, "The Toilet Paper"
UPC Marketing Board at Crimson Nightmare, a Halloween-themed event.
Adobe sponsored a social media week with workshops, giveaways, and camels.
Yes, we brought camels to our campus for #HumpDay.

Every project I finished strengthened my extracurricular skills and opened new doors.

Adobe Education Spotlight, 2017

My experience also gave me the opportunity to serve as an Adobe Campus Representative at the University of Utah and present workshops through the Lassonde Institute.

What a perfect set of experiences to complement a degree in marketing and graphic design.

with Christa Johnson at Adobe HQ Lehi, Dec 2016

However, I did not graduate in either of these fields.

University of Utah Class of 2017 | Biology Honors BS

Applying visual thinking to science enabled the preparation of an attractive scientific research poster for the research presentation requirement of my Honors Biology degree.

A research poster designed completely in Illustrator--including charts and diagrams.
University of Utah Undergraduate Research Symposium - April 2017

This demonstrates the importance of Digital Literacy in non-traditional fields.

What comes next?



What to do after graduation, before professional school?

I interviewed for a few jobs, but many of them were ill-suited to my interests. I did not want to work in a lab, which a biology degree more or less prepares me for.

In February, I was referred to ProLung where I was hired as the Front-End Application Engineer.

ProLung is a pre-FDA medical device company that has developed a non-invasive predictive analytic for lung cancer.

After developing the UI/UX of our clinical database, I quickly became the driving force of our small company's marketing.

Marketing piece developed for ProLung

September 2017 - Promotion to Digital Marketing Manager!

My positions have had nothing to do with my degree. But thanks to having access to Adobe CC throughout college, I developed skills that helped me get this job.

October 2017 - In Business

The one true sign of a real business!

I now had numerous choices when it came to career paths. Access to Adobe solutions opened doors for me in ways that I never could have imagined.

Presenting for 200 guests at EduMAX, Las Vegas, October 2017
Meeting the University of Utah President, Dr. Ruth Watkins!

I was able to pursue a career before starting professional school.

I was having the time of my life.

November 17, 2017 | The Phone Call



University of Colorado School of Medicine | White Coat Ceremony

It should be no surprise that I’m still hooked on Adobe!

Still not condoning drug use!

One of the learning techniques we use is small group case studies in teams of 8 students. Every case, we each choose a topic to research and present back the following week.

I’ve been using Adobe Spark pages to make my presentations for my group.

Small group presentations on learning objectives for the week.

A few weeks ago I was feeling extra creative and made an infographic for my learning objective of antidepressants.

A few months into the long road that is med school, I was itching to do something innovative again in the world of digital literacy.

I soon discovered the perfect culmination of medicine, education, and digital literacy.

A Digital and Social Media Elective to fill a gap in the medical curriculum.

Partnered with an emergency physician also interested in social media and medical education, we received IRB approval for research through this elective.

Course Objectives

  1. Define social media and digital scholarship.
  2. Assess online social media presence.
  3. Explore the various roles of online citizens (consumer, producer, synthesizer, critic, hybrid).
  4. Compose effective posts for education or advocacy.
  5. Explain essential aspects of personal branding.
  6. Apply educational principles to create an online medical resource.
  7. Use Adobe Creative Cloud to create audio/video/photo products for online medical education.
All this sounds great, but how do we make the rubber meet the road?

Elective approved for launch in Fall 2019!

Digital and Social Media in Medicine | Fall 2019 at University of Colorado School of Medicine

Stay tuned for updates!

Let's connect!

vincent@arctcfx.com | @vincefox8 | vincentfu.me

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