Green Fire By Christopher Quisenberry

Roasted by my Green Fire. This experiment requires Methyl alcohol and Boric Acid, these are common household items. Boric Acid can be found in any hardware supply store. Methyl Alcohol in a product called heat and can be purchased at any auto parts supply store. The reason that this fire burns green s because of the element Boron. As the experiment goes on you will notice that the fire starts to burn yellow. This is the case because of the presence of element Sodium in it. You should always do this in a well vented non flammable area away from fire hazards and alarms.


By mixing the two ingredients we are synthesizing Trimethyl Borate. This reactant burns green because of the element Boron. After letting the reactants burn for a little bit. You will notice that they start to turn yellow. This signals that the flame has burned down to the Sodium Borate, which burns yellow because of the presence of the element Sodium. This experiment does not release any harmful gases except CO2 which can be harmful when inhaled in large amounts.Doing this Outside is better because it won't set off any fire alarms.

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