Gluten-Free Fad Unpacked is it really all that good for you?

Gluten is everywhere, Biscuits and gravy among other things have gluten. However, this does not mean gluten is the healthiest option.
Unknown to most people even stir fry has gluten. Soy sauce has gluten as an ingredient in its recipe to make it thicker. like in this case gluten most of the time is an unnecessary ingredient and can be substituted for heathier less processed options.
Gluten-free diets substitute healthier alternatives for gluten. That being said, pancakes, have gluten in them as well. However because substitutions can be made they have several gluten-free pancakes mixes available. For example they would use almond or coconut flour instead.
Pizza normally is a gluten product but some pizza places are getting gluten-free crusts. this means that you do not have to give up pizza if you really just can not live without it. As a bonus the gluten-free crusts have less calories and are more healthy for you anyways.
These foods are fried in a fryer with gluten so you cannot eat them unless they are gluten-free specifically.
This may surprise you but this tart is entirely gluten-free! How did they do it? They switched out the flour! As an added bonus it tastes the same.
The number one argument against gluten-free is that it tastes bad. This is not true now, gluten-free has come a long way in taste the past 5 or so years.
Gluten-free is healthier than its gluten counterpart because of its higher intact of raw fruits and vegetables.
Gluten-free diets have a higher ratio of people who eat more fruits that have not been processed.
Due to the higher intake of raw vegetables and fruits gluten-free diets supply more nutrients than one that eats a gluten diet.
Now just because they eat more of these does not mean gluten-free is solely healthy because of this. The raw elements such as veggies and fruit help to metabolize food. When putting all of this together Gluten-free regulate weight naturally through diet.


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