Harn Museum of Art iza gonzalez

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

The art piece to the far right, allowed me to appreciate the art work by allowing me to see every detail and thought put into the garment and how vibrant the actual pigmentation of the fabric is. It allowed me to gain a deeper and more powerful connection with the piece rather than the digital image which, reframes you to only one angle rather than various with different dimensions and perceptions.I believe that the use of vibrant colors throughout the attire provide more life and emotion then other colors used which intrigues and captures the eye. It communicated culture, pride and nationalism.It gave me the sensation that the art portrays the pride of culture and traditions, we see the life and passion portrayed in the image reflecting and exuding happiness and a peace and serenity to those that capture it.

Design of the Museum

My personal favorite exhibit would be Freda Kahlo's because of the variety of media used to admire her and her work. You are able to see Frida in various angles and her life and who she was. She was prideful and how she recreated herself constantly and how her media switched from herself to her becoming her own artist . The exhibit was airy and open allowing space and pause between work for reflection with various media such a documentaries and videos , photography and painting all correlated or work of Freda. The exhibit was devoted to admire her and appraise her as an artist but also as an individual and the way she carried herself.However, the exhibit also continued to bring to life Frida with their vibrancy and a wall devoted to a portrait of her.

Art and Core Values

The hand made artwork in the Harn appeals to my core values because i personally admire hard work and devotion. Creating art although art is vague and be difficult and consist of trial and error to be able to create what you perceive. I personally know from experience that glass blowing takes a couple tries around the park , however the devotion and consistency the artist had while sculpting every piece and detail in fabrication. The artist in all these medias allow me appreciate his time and values and personal self worth of the artist to continue to try although errors ,may persistThe art work exudes an emotion of serenity which in then enhance in a way my beliefs because it allows me remember to stay calm , at the end it will all come to place.

Art and the Good Life

The art work displayed above demonstrates elements of the good life by portraying and capturing spirits of adoration. The figures are capturing the movement and chants of adoring a higher being and their emotions and physical journey they are experiencing.

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