Otzi the iceman How he died?

It was 1991, when two German tourists, Helmut and Erika Simon, were on a hike in the northern alps near the border between Austria and Italy. At an elevation of 10,530 ft. they found a corpse laying face down, sticking out of the ice. In shock they soon saw that it was a corpse of a MAN! They quickly got help and they soon had people to help. But there was a big problem, they were in a mountain range meaning that the choppers couldn't land. So they had to drop people off without landing, and got to the corpse as soon as possible because of how quick the ice was melting. They finally got him out and got him to a lab quickly, where they used chemicals that would help preserve him before they ran a number of tests. This took a long time though because of all the methods they had to use to figure out the exact age of this mummy. One technique that was used was Carbon Dating. Carbon Dating is a technique to help scientists tell how much C-14 is left in the body.C-14 is a gas found in your body and when you die you begin to lose C-14, so when something dies you can tell how old it is by the amount of C-14 left in the body. After the tests were done they came to a conclusion of the body being 5,300 years old. They could not believe it!! This was the oldest human fossil ever found! Then after doing some more tests they learned that the man died at only 47. After learning this a question was raised, "How did he die?". Some say that he was killed by hypothermia, some say that he was killed in a violent fight against attacker, and others say that he was killed by an arrow. After some tests and examination scientists then realized that it makes sense that he was killed by an arrow probably shot by an attacker due to the wounds and way that he died with his hand reaching for his shoulder.

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