Anxiety and Depression Taking students seriously in their struggle

Students are struggling more and more with mental illnesses. Although the schools may not be the source of the cause for mental illness, the schools most often are the catalyst, or at least, a major contributing factor. These problems not only affect their academic performance, job performance, and health while in school, but can continue to interfere with their lives after they graduate.

It can be difficult to understand their struggles, but we must do our best to learn in order to help these individuals, these students, who are struggling.

It’s upsetting because these students may not be able to accomplish all that they wish to accomplish because their struggle can hinder their success.

These struggling students can still accomplish success if they reach out for help and if their struggle is recognized, as well as, understood, to be legitimate. Support can't genuinely come from a source that doesn't believe in the legitimacy of the issue it advocates for.

In order to help students succeed, their struggle against mental illness needs to be taken seriously in the schools.


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