The Harlem Renaissance Leah rodrigues

My question: What are the factors that caused the Harlem Renaissance?

Nobody can agree on the exact moment when the renaissance began because a few important things were happening around the same time. Some historians believe that the return of the 369th Infantry Regiment to Harlem at the end of World War I marked the beginning of the new era. People also believed that the first black produced Broadway Show sparked the Renaissance. The African American art, music, and culture got a mainstream audience. People also desired to over throw racism.

Source information: The Harlem Renaissance by Kelly King Howes

My Question: Why were whites trying to include themselves in African American Cultrure?

Harlem was a place where the "regular white man" could rebel by drinking, smoking, partying, etc. They started to notice African American art and literature. It was fun and fashionable for whites to venture around Harlem. They have "White Only Clubs" to watch black performers.

Source information: Harlem Renaissance by Kelly King Howes.

My Question: What was the Night Life like in Harlem?

The Night Life in Harlem revolves around Jazz, which was born in the city of New Orleans. The Savoy, which covers an entire city block on Lenox Avenue was a community ballroom where blacks can gain admission to Jazz Heaven for only 50 cents a night. World class musicians constantly entertained this community ballroom.

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