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April 19, 2017: 7:00am

I've finished our business plan. 5611 Marketing Studio is ready to launch. Now I just need to find time to organize myself. We plan to launch in July to give use time to prep documents and legal paperwork. I am still unsure if it is a good, idea to hire a lawyer or use legal zoom for things like legal documents. Insurance is another uncertainty. I don't believe it will be nessesary at first, but you never know. I guess that's the point of insurance.

Danielle and I are moving in May, we bought a house! My month of May is going to be busy, too busy. I have my seasonal spring work with Grad Images, a bit of freelance work as well as packing and moving.

April 14, 2017: 8:00am

Fiverr... I've been a member for several years but never done anything with it. Last night I was surfing the web and came across their site again. I signed up in 2014 but wrote it off as a waste of time. I logged in last night and was surprised to see my account was still active after several years of inactivity. Doing a bit of research, I found many many people offering photoshop services, graphic design work and web design. It's my turn to jump on the bandwagon. I created a few "gigs" on their system and I guess we'll see if I can get any organic responses. In the future it may benefit Aaron and I to use fiverr to gain small jobs in between the large ones. For now, it's just an experiment. I may end up spending a bit of money to boost a gig or two on there and see how that works out.

April 13, 2017: 9:30pm

Business plan almost done. Spoke to Nick yesterday about offerring screen printing service along side our other offerings. I am hopeful with this new plan that we can gain customers and create good work for them.

I am currently reading a book about SEO. Most of the contents so far are things I already do or try to do as much as possible. I don't think we want to focus on SEO anyways but it's good to know about. There are too many companies out there over charging for SEO services. My belief is that it's more effective to create an audience on social media. By connecting with them on social platforms your creating trust in the brand especially when the viewer/potential client can see what the company will s up to on a regular basis.

I've completed work on a web site transfer, mostly just copy and paste. I am waiting in the client to provide content for certain sections. This was my first time trying to recreate a site from what is currently online and it was easier then I thought it would be. The previous designer made a bit of a mess of things, though I think the client had several designers working on it previously. I recreated the site using Adobe Muse so I can easily keep it updated. I was concerned that my abilities were not up to snuff when it came to web design, but I have proven myself wrong. I now feel I have the confidence to pursue a full-time career as a web desiger.


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