some physical features of Ireland consist of Low central plains surrounded by a lot of lakes with a lot of coastal mountains. The highest peak in Ireland is 3405 ft tall. Mountains make traveling really difficult so a normal trip to the grocery store 25 minutes.
Because of Ireland's hilly mountains and flat lowlands the mountains are a resource to almost everyone because rivers can easily flow down hills. Mountains can also affect the climate change of Ireland. There flat lowland can provide good flat farming ground and provide a good habit for farming animals.
Most of Ireland choose to speak Irish but the the other fraction choose to speak English or Hiberno English. The English language originates from England and the Irish language is from Ireland. In Ireland to say hello my name is you would have to say DIA SUIT IS AINM DOM
In 2011 84.2% of people living in Ireland Identified themselves as Roman Catholic while 7.6% identified had no religion. The country is experiencing growth in in the Hindu and the Muslim religion
A lot of people think that the Irish just eat potatoes but that is absouletly wrong. They have a lot of traditional foods not just potatoes there main traditional dish is consists of Irish stew, bacon, cabbage, boxty, coddle, and colcannon. The Irish people do have a little bit of intrest on american food as they like to eat a lot of bacon and potatoes like we do.
The Irish are not very big in sports but the most team played sport in Ireland is soccer or Futbol as they would call it.On the 7th of November 1954 the Irish National soccer association team played for the Republic of Ireland for the first time and has continued on for about 72 years now. The Olympic team of Ireland has competed OK with recent olympics.
Irish music has not changed much. There are even different types of music. The most common Irish folk music is used for dancing. Traditional instruments that are used in The Irish folk music instruments include the fiddle, the trumpet, the bodhran, the wooden flute, the tin whistle, and the harp. Other common instruments are the accordion and concertina, guitar, banjo, and bouzouki. Most of these instruments have all become popular in Irish music within the last 100 years. Irish social dancing can be divided into Céilí and also set dancing. Irish set dances are quadrilles, danced by four sets of couples put in a square, then Céilí dances are danced by different and varied formations of two people to sixteen people. In addition to their varied formations and sets, there are pretty significant differences and changes between these two types of social dance. Irish dance is a tradition, and variations of these particular dances can found across the Irish dancing community.
Irish dance dresses are probably the most unique dresses in the world. Most of there unique dresses and hats are around 100 years old now. Irish clothes are know to be generally very well-made and have a really long history of significance attached to them. Men in Ireland are usually seen wearing a linen driving cap. The patterns and colors of these caps are usually made very durable because of their design but are most often found in neutral colors.
this is about an average Irish home i have noticed usually all of these houses have 2 chimneys and most of these houses are pretty tall with a small width. These houses are mostly built out of stone with a lot of windows. Most people consider home in Ireland "a dream"


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