The University of Lincoln is delighted to present the Lincoln School of Film and Media’s (LSFM) End of Year Show Collective 2019.

As part of the College of Arts two week Festival of Creativity, LSFM are exhibiting a Collective of student work that celebrates creativity and innovation in the field of film and media. The End of Year Show Collective celebrates the next generation of animators, photographers, film producers, directors, designers, audio, radio and much more.

BA (Hons) Media Production

One of my main passions in life is music so if I could incorporate some of my favourite artists into these cards I felt I could create something very engaging. I knew the centrepiece of all playing cards are the royal cards so if I could find 3 distinctive figures to portray as the King, Queen and Jack then I could build the rest of the deck around that concept.

I had many ideas of who to put in like using David Bowie and having each card represent one of his many personas. The problem I found was that there was no reason for making these cards. Giving the cards a purpose, I felt would strengthen the brief and it was by complete chance that I was listening to Abbey Road when I noticed that it would be 50 years old this year. So, I decided the cards would be a celebration of this period of The Beatles career.

Joel Stephenson

BA (Hons) Media Production - Design

BA (Hons) Media Production Media Production Level 3 Design

The exhibition shall showcase a clothing brand I created during Semester A of third year.

The exhibition will to allow anyone visiting the show to be able to envisage the clothing products I have designed, using Augmented Reality. The exhibit will be used as a ‘virtual pop-up shop’ allowing visitors to go to the ‘Digital Rail’, where they can scan trackers using Augmented Reality, a 3D model of the product to appear in the camera lens. Along with the model shall be information regarding the specific piece, such as the price, colour, name and what sizes remain. The colours and shapes are vivid in order to allow the tracker to be picked up easier.

Once the visitor has been to the ‘Digital Rail’, they can move over to the ‘Dressing Room’ where they will be able to ‘try on’ the clothes I have designed virtually. Once again using AR, I wish to be able to have the t-shirts placed onto the user. This would be used in order to see if the product would suit them, as it would not be possible to understand correct sizes – because of this, it will be specifically noted that the brand would offer free returns and exchanges to combat this issue.

After trying on their desired product, they can head to the ‘Checkout’, where there will be another set of trackers, sending the user to the ‘checkout’ page of the website, allowing them to choose what size they desire, before paying for the product and having them sent out to their desired delivery addressed, all via their own mobile phone. As I had originally intended the brand to be an online-only boutique, using a ‘virtual pop-up shop’ will allow this aspect to continue. However, as people could simply not attend the pop-up shop and just order the items online at home, special discounts and free delivery may be included as an incentive.

Will Coupland

BA (Hons) Media Production - Digital Media

BA (Hons) Media Production Digital Media
BA (Hons) Media Production - Photography
BA (Hons) Media Production - Photography

BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects

This year Animation and Visual Effects has a showcase of innovative animation and visual effects encompassing moving image, digital visualisation, and narrative.

BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects

BA (Hons) Audio Production

BA (Hons) Audio Production presents THE PLANETS AND THE GODS, a multi channel surround sound experience in The Alfred Tennyson Building (ATB) – formerly the MHT Building, Level 2 room ATB2214

Also, SOUNDSCAPES OF A FOREIGN PLACE The Alfred Tennyson Building (ATB) – formerly the MHT Building, Level 2 room ATB2206

BA (Hons) Audio Production
BA (Hons) Audio Production

BA (Hons) Film and Television

MY PET FOX (featuring Chris Packham) Directed and Produced by Robyn Ward, Shot and Edited by Christopher Brown Location, Sound and Post Production Audio by Helena Spychala, Original Music by Asher Rossell

MUSIC VIDEO : Flint Moore - Gangrene [No Going Home]

(Official Music Video) by Sam Lance


Reece Taylor Long, Producer: Amy-Louise Knowles, Director: Reece Taylor-Long Writer, Cinematographer: Nicola Cowley, Editor: Jamie Stewart Sound, Design: Reece Smith & Vittorio Toscani, VFX Director: Dan Davison, SFX Artist: Megan Cooke


BA (Hons) Media Studies

That’s So 2069: Media Futures is an interactive exhibition that critically speculates how we envision the future based on the analysis of contemporary issues within society. It is an exhibition that includes elements from all modules taught over 3 years of BA Media Studies, and illustrates our favourite topics - from exploring the concerns surrounding the idea of Utopia to focusing on the shift from broadcast media to Web 2.0 (and even further), as well as future fashions, smart cities, render ghosts and artivism.

BA (Hons) Photography

BA (Hon's) Photography students from the University of Lincoln will be exhibiting their Final Project work outside the LPAC at the university on May 31st 2019.

This show is a culmination of third year projects, and will display a range of work across many themes and disciplines.

BA (Hons) Photography
BA (Hons) Photography